От судьи требуют лишить мужа Маргариты Грачевой родительских прав The young woman’s family appeal. Margarita Gracheva afraid for his life. Indifferent to history the mother of two children appeal to Elena Kozlova, which is handling the case.
От судьи требуют лишить мужа Маргариты Грачевой родительских прав

Margarita Gracheva, who lost his hands because of the cruelty of her husband, Dmitry, continues to address the issues in court. Despite the fact that her husband is in prison, she’s afraid that after his release, he will finish the job and kill her. Also Margarita fears for the lives of sons.

Family Gracheva previously filed a lawsuit that Dmitry has deprived of parental rights. However, no trial has not ended successfully for mom of two children. Judge Elena Kozlova refused to satisfy the requirement of Margarita. Lawyers for the young woman filed a complaint against this decision. Presumably, joined the case to the office of the Commissioner for children’s rights of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova.

От судьи требуют лишить мужа Маргариты Грачевой родительских прав

The inhabitants of Serpukhov decided to support Margarita Grachev. They leave letters, which turn to Elena Kozlova. “Hello! I beg you will deprive of the parental rights of Dmitry Grachev! It hurts to look at Rita and her mother. This monster will be out in 3-4 years and kill Margaret and her mother!” “Be merciful and fair! Protect Grachev Margarita and her children from a geek who chopped off the hands of their mother and made her a helpless invalid. The angel cut off his wings! The judge has the right to make decisions according to their own conviction. Is your inner conviction is not entitled to protect her from sadistic? In your capable hands the instrument of justice. Use it skillfully. Deprive Grachev Dmitry parental rights to not cover children for the production of a more lenient sentence,” wrote people.

Besides, the Network has a petition signed by over 42 thousand people. “Why for theft and robbery give 8-10 years, and people crippled the lives of so many people, only a few years will open the way to a normal life? Margarita now has a very long road of recovery to return to his former life and to be with the children. You need to learn to live again without having the right hand to learn to live with a prosthesis. And to never be afraid, never think that something like that could happen again, Dmitry Grachev should not be free. And let this be the exception, but for such an act and the punishment should be appropriate,” reads the petition text.

Who lost his hands Margarita Gracheva told how to live after tragedy

Recall that in the previous programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” Margarita met with the mother of Dmitry Grachev, Olga. During the interview the family of the injured woman managed to convince his cousin that he can’t be the father of her sons, according to documents. “I believe he is guilty and my son should be deprived of parental rights for abuse with the mother of his children. I told him in the eye,” – such recognition eventually made Olga.