Журналисты «Пусть говорят» последними видели Евгения Осина The musician went missing after meeting with correspondents. They are, in the opinion of the neighbors was the last who visited artist. Yesterday aired a popular talk show dedicated to Eugene Aspen. It is not excluded that after a feast he couldn’t control his actions and left home in an unknown direction.
Журналисты «Пусть говорят» последними видели Евгения Осина

Yesterday, August 18, in the First channel left the program “Let them talk”, which was dedicated to the star of the 90s to Eugene Aspen. The alarm was sounded by neighbors – they addressed to the editor of the talk show to understand what happens to a popular favorite. According to the presenter Dmitry Borisov, the reporters waited a long time until the man would open the door, and then saw him in a bad way – he could barely speak and mostly lay on the bed. Everything they captured on video, and then pokazli in the program. Borisov was hoping that aspen will be able to come to the Studio, but this did not happen. Lead said that the man feels bad.

Today in mass media there was information that Evgeny Osin missing – it can’t find neither the neighbors, nor friends, nor relatives. The matter took a serious turn is the sister of the artist has addressed in police with the statement. However, for three days a musician can’t hear anything.

As it became known “StarHit” during such meetings with the artists decided to set the table. Everyone knows that the musician is subjected to a drinking problem. It is possible that after an impromptu Banquet Evgeny Osin lost control of himself and went in an unknown direction. Neighbors claim that correspondents of the program “Let them talk” were the last who saw the artist.

Журналисты «Пусть говорят» последними видели Евгения Осина

Eugene did not deny that some time ago he had a problem. He believed that because of this addiction with him he lost touch with his daughter Agnes. Some media said that the man was diagnosed with “cirrhosis of liver”, but the artist himself denied this information. According to him, she quit drinking and was able to establish a relationship with the child. Eugene Aspen’s legs were paralyzed

“I paid all the debts for alimony. We communicate mainly by phone and the Internet, said Osin “StarHit”. – Unfortunately, we rarely see each other, because Agnes lives with her mom in another area. This year he graduated from music school going to go to extra courses. She has beautiful vocals – the nature does not rest on the child, as they say”.

However, it later emerged that the man is in a rehab center to treat alcohol addiction, where he was placed the friends.