Ядвигу Поплавскую сбила машина The accident took place in Minsk at around 10 PM. People’s artist of Belarus Yadviga Poplavskaya passed a well-lit street on the unregulated crosswalk.

Belarusian pop singer, party of the first part of the “Verasy” ensemble Yadviga Poplavskaya got in an accident. Now the star is in hospital with a broken leg.

“It happened on the crossing near the stop “hothouse combine”. I always turn up, cautiously looking down the road, because there are no traffic lights. There are “Zebra” and sign “pedestrian crossing”. But, unfortunately, I have long been convinced that many drivers do not react to it,” – said Jadwiga Poplavskaya reporters.

According to the artist, two cars stood and waited for her to cross the street. But a third car drove off and shot down the singer.

“The only consolation in my dire situation with a broken leg would see in this passage the light that would bring benefit and peace of mind as drivers and pedestrians. It’s so convenient to cross the road on green light and not jerk on the “Zebra” back and forth, looking, not rushing anyone at you. Once I stood on the roadway in such a transition, wondering: will stop somebody or not? What you’re saying – nobody even slowed down!” noted Poplavskaya.

Recall that Poplavskaya and her husband Alexander Tikhanovich (died in early 2017) became winners of competition “song of the year-1988” with the song “Happy.” Later this Duo was formed by the eponymous music group – “Lucky chance”. Also in 1988, the artist, together with her husband established the Theater songs of Yadviga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich. The woman is still very popular in Belarus. The singer and still plays to full houses.

Now with the driver who has brought down the Jadwiga K., versed law enforcement officers. Eyewitnesses of road accident caused the artist to an ambulance. “Most importantly, I did nothing wrong… After the incident I was in a state of shock. I want to thank those people who responded quickly and called an ambulance and traffic police,” – said Jadwiga K. in an interview with “KP”.