The jacket Baskov left 80 thousand crystals

На пиджак Баскова ушло 80 тысяч страз

On 15 October the singer was 40 years old. Usually men that date is not marked, has not become a big affair and Nicholas. He gave his holiday a few days earlier – Basque shocked viewers and colleagues for their great show “the Game”. The singer had spent 2 million euros, much of which went to the suits. “Antenna” learned in detail the most vivid images of the evening.

Aria of Calaf from the Opera Turandot

The suit is unique in that it used mechanical components. Dragons with glowing eyes going from his shoulder hoods, were grown French engineers in 3D technology. Claws handmade genuine leather medieval method of extruding, which owns only one shop in France. Of the accessories used in the show, these limbs were made for the longest time.

Blue jacket

The dress designer Vladimir Mid 80 thousand Swarovski crystals, sewn by hand. It took me about 2 months. But the night before the premiere there was an incident. It turned out that orange t-shirt under the jacket. decorated with rhinestones, and it should be embroidered on his throat. In the end, the entire night of her six hands to finish.

The Emperor Caesar

Costume design was created by Valentin Yudashkin, and made his Parisian Atelier, which trimmed the series “Game of thrones”. It uses rare mirror blue stones of unusual uttanka. A wreath on the head of gilded brass. Petals thick with a piece of paper to the wreath was not heavy and not pressed. The French refused to take up Shoe-making too difficult. In the end, gold sneakers made in Italy in the factory where produced louboutins.

Dress Valeria

The dress of the singer went 1500 meters of fabric, and because it was impossibly heavy – as much as 25 kg. to Move in this dress it is simply impossible, so the show had to introduce two pages who gave Valeria three-meter trail of roses.

For this dress also had made a special case, as neither one of the existing cases it would not fit, and crush it. The cost of the dress, which is the Basque, by the way, left a gift to Valerie, one and a half million rubles.

Knitted clothing, embroidered with Swarovski crystals, was supposed to look like a second skin. Under it is not put on underwear. It does not have a zipper nor buttons. Jumpsuit stitched manually directly into the singer before going on stage and after rasplyvetsya.