The investigators find out the reasons of collision of trains and electric trains in Moscow

Следователи выясняют причины столкновения поезда и электрички в Москве The incident occurred in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The train crashed into a train EN route Moscow-Brest. Emergency with a large number of victims provoked by the pedestrian, suddenly appeared on the tracks. According to some reports, twelve people were hospitalized.

    Следователи выясняют причины столкновения поезда и электрички в Москве

    Suburban train in on Sunday night collided with a passenger train Moscow – Brest. In the result of a terrible accident according to sources, twelve people were taken to hospitals in Moscow, seven of them by Sunday morning, was discharged home. All in all, for the help to doctors has addressed twenty-eight people, five of them children. Among the victims there are citizens of Belarus. According to the foreign Ministry, the two of them.

    By Sunday morning, the traffic on the railroad in the Belarusian direction has been restored. The causes of the incident is now investigated by the investigators.

    The incident occurred in area Filevskiy Park. According to the information that journalists were provided a press-service of Russian Railways, at 22:16 on the stretch between stations Kuntsevo and Fili the train driver on the Moscow-Usovo saw the ways of man and sharply gave on brakes to avoid hitting. The result was a broken braking system, the train unexpectedly started to move back and collided with standing passenger train Moscow-Brest. From the impact derailed two carriages of the train and two carriages of a passenger train. In place immediately went and rescue service and ambulance crews.

    Следователи выясняют причины столкновения поезда и электрички в Москве

    Eyewitnesses of incident tell that the blow was such force that the wagon train is ripped in half. The passengers of both trains are in a state of shock. The girl, who was riding in the train, said that many expected the worst and started calling relatives to say goodbye. She also added that when the train went back, the carriages ran on duty, to warn people of a possible collision. At the time of the accident the train was twenty people, reportedly, none of them was hurt.

    Some scary moments experienced and the passengers of the train Moscow-Brest. Blow was such force that people fell from their seats. However, according to eyewitnesses, panic among passengers were not. Immediately after the collision, the guides started to explain to people how to behave promptly on the emergency arrived and paramedics.

    Say that after the collision the capital’s taxi drivers offered free services to people facing a difficult situation. In addition, for those who need to get to Odintsovo, were organized buses.

    The passengers on the train Moscow-Brest provided a new composition, which reportedly will arrive in the Belarusian city five hours late.

    The causes of the incident is now investigated by the investigators of the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office. Upon collision of trains, a criminal case under article about infringement of safety rules of movement and operation. Night investigators questioned the driver of the train Moscow-Brest, he also was among the victims.