The investigation named the executor of the terrorist act in the subway of Saint Petersburg

Следствие назвало исполнителя теракта в метро Санкт-Петербурга He was a native of Kyrgyzstan. Previously, the name of Akbarjon Jalilova already appeared in the media, but the investigation police did not disclose the results. After analyzing genetic material, the experts confirmed their suspicions.

    Следствие назвало исполнителя теракта в метро Санкт-Петербурга

    During the day the police had figured out who was the executor of the terrorist attack that occurred in the train on the blue metro line of Saint Petersburg on Monday afternoon. Put forward different versions about the suspected bomber. Investigators carefully examined records from surveillance cameras installed in the subway of the Northern capital.

    In St. Petersburg’s subway bombings. PHOTO. VIDEO

    Tuesday morning edition published portrait of a man who detonated an explosive device. According to some, the act of terrorism was committed by a native of Kyrgyzstan, Akbarian Jalilov, who previously worked as a cook at a sushi bar in St. Petersburg. The investigation found that the bomber really is a 22 year old guy. In the IC of Russia has confirmed this information.

    “He was Akbarjon Jalilov 01.04.1995 year of birth. In addition, forensic experts detected traces of genetic Jalilova on the bag left at the metro station “Ploshchad Rebellion”, in which there was an explosive device. Conclusion genetic examination and recording of CCTV cameras give the investigators reason to believe that the person has committed a terrorist attack in the car, left the bag with the explosive device at the metro station “Revolt Area”, – stated in the message.

    Early it was reported that Jalilov lived in St. Petersburg for several years. He moved to the city on the Neva from the Kyrgyz Osh, where his family remained ethnic Uzbeks. In the Northern capital he enrolled in a local College. Literally last weekend at Jalilov was birthday. Friends describe him as modest and cheerful young man.

    Recall that the explosion occurred at 14:30 in the train, EN route to “Sennaya” – “Institute of Technology”. Passengers of the whole heard a pop and then smelled burning. Driver Alexander Kaverin, driving a train, carefully follow the directions prescribed in the regulations of the workers underground in an emergency. He brought the composition to the station “Institute of Technology”, where it turned out that the attack took place. According to the latest data, 14 people were killed, 49 remain in hospital in a state of varying severity.

    The whole world expresses condolences to the relatives and friends of people affected by the tragedy. In St.-Petersburg declared three days of mourning. The stars were shocked by the tragedy in St. Petersburg metro