Расследование таинственной гибели кинозвезды возобновили 35 лет спустя
In the case of death of actress Natalie wood appeared new evidence.

Natalie Wood

Since the death of movie stars
Natalie wood it’s been 35 years, but the mystery of her death
continues to excite the world of cinema. A recent case came to light of new circumstances and it was decided to re-open trial
an investigation to clarify its extremely
a suspicious death.

To dust off your old case was solved after lawyer Sam Perroni, the main enthusiast of this investigation,
managed to get 89-year-old Thomas Noguchi, the coroner, once examined
the body of Natalie, the fact that he hid from the investigation several important facts.
First, Noguchi did not draw attention to the fact that found on
body Natalie scrapes and scratches
of unknown origin. Second, he omitted the fact that the nails
the deceased was badly broken. Thirdly, as it turned out, he did not
to analyze the matter under the nails. Moreover, he destroyed the samples! And very quickly recognized the death star an “accidental drowning”. Why, given these evidence, the coroner demanded to investigate the murder? But because of Noguchi admitted that the authorities then
hinted: the matter must be closed as soon as possible.

It seems that everything goes to the fact that the husband of the actress,
Robert Wagner, who is now 86 years old, will be declared a suspect
her murder. After all, this year, even before the testimony of Noguchi, confessions were made by another key witness – the captain of the yacht, on Board of which Natalie along with her husband and his friend Christopher Walken were on the day
his death. According to the new indications of the captain, immediately prior to
the death of the actress took place a quarrel. Robert gave his wife a wild scene of jealousy. And after the mysterious disappearance of Natalie Wagner,
captain, did everything to tighten
start searching… besides, it is still unknown what role in this
history played by Christopher Walken. Meanwhile, because of Walken, with whom
Natalie starred in his last film “Brainstorm”, and a quarrel broke out
between the actress and her husband…

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