The intrigue of the day: Djigan wife is pregnant or just ate too much?

Интрига дня: жена Джигана беременна или просто переела?

Fans suspected that his wife Dzhigan soon will give the musician a third child.

To such conclusion members looked at photos of the wife of the contractor.

Now the singer together with his wife Oksana Samoilova and daughters Ariely and Leia rest in the Bahamas. And surprisingly, usually, Oksana takes pride in its slender figure, and now hides her belly under a large dress.

In swimsuit, Oksana photographed, lying down on the sand belly down or covering his hands. But more than just fans of the girls alarmed the photo, where Samoilova posing on the beach in a short dress, again covering the belly, which this time clearly visible!

“Oksana, it seems, we all know about your interesting position. Congratulations!” – write fans.

Also, fans noted that she was to choose special angles for photos in which the waist goes by the wayside, and first up magnificent breast, also significantly added to the volume.

In short, everything suggests that the shooting in anticipation of the baby. But, of course, one can not discount the possibility that it is the most mysterious photo was taken after a heavy lunch.

The girl still remained silent, and her followers, meanwhile, are wondering whether will give Oksana the Djigan long-awaited son, or very soon in the family of the musician will be in one woman.