Инсайдер сообщил, что свадьба Джастина Бибера и Хейли Болдуин все-таки состоится

Despite the fact that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin confidently call each other husband and wife, insiders say: “the Wedding!”

Media reported about the secret wedding that Hailey and Bieber have held up in court. There they signed the documents, which state that the marriage of the stars. In the network there are many rumors and facts, but suddenly one of the sources said about the future wedding. Fans rejoice — the white dress and gorgeous celebration! The stars decided to celebrate the marriage, but the details have not been disclosed.

“They want to openly celebrate their marriage. That’s why Haley decided to change the name. She likes to be married to Justin. The pair is still planning a wedding and the ceremony in the Church,” he says.

Recall that the rumors about the marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin go since September. The happy event was confirmed even father’s brother Haley, but the stars kept the mouths shut. But after some time, Bieber decided to kind of confirm the fact of marriage. It came out very nice, but still leaves a lot of questions and doubts.

It all started with Haley’s decision to create their own brand in which the name of Bieber. Then the model changed nick to Instagram with Hailey Baldwin (haileybaldwin) on Hayley Bieber (haileybieber). Maybe the stars didn’t believe and Bieber decided to put a fat point in question! He exhibited pictures from his lover and left a sign the confirmation of marriage: “My wife is awesome”.

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