The inhabitant of Khakassia has deprived of children because of the long hair son

Жительницу Хакасии лишили детей из-за длинных волос сына Love Lizengevich fighting for seven girls and boys. In November, the woman and her husband took wards. The reason was the five-year baby – caregivers of preschool institutions considered it looks dangerous for the psyche.
Жительницу Хакасии лишили детей из-за длинных волос сына

Yesterday it became known that the inhabitant of Khakassia Love Lizengevich fighting for the right to raise foster children. Journalists report that 57-year-old woman raised the 21st child, of which only one daughter is a blood heir.

In November, the woman and her husband took seven boys and girls who lived with her husband at the time. The reason for this was the appearance of four years (now it’s five years) son – representatives of bodies of guardianship considered that the child’s hair is too long.

In mid-December hearing. As it turned out, the kindergarten teachers sounded the alarm in may of this year – they suggested that such hairstyle can affect the formation of the baby gender. In order not to be unfounded, they took a picture of the baby when he allegedly came out of the house. On the photograph, was a boy with hair tied pink resname, and in his hands he held a purse. The testimony of witnesses and data in the papers completely confused: noticed, they say, “misunderstanding” in may and photographed in augsta. And nobody, it seems, do not mind that in June the boy will cut.

Жительницу Хакасии лишили детей из-за длинных волос сына

Older children who have grown up and left home, arrived at the court to support the family. In recognition of one of the girls, she did not understand what was the true reason for such persecution her family.

“I’m up to the eighth grade went with short hair because I liked it. Now, I said I don’t have the right haircut, because I’m a girl. And at the same time in KDN [Commission juvenile] I was crushed. Say you have a large, should know the laws… that’s all this fabricated case just due to the fact that mom knows the laws… First, they wanted kids for two families to spread out: three in one and two in another. Now three families. But disabled R. useless. And Masha, his sister, care not give. She is in Krasnoyarsk went to study, she was 18 already. Hard-pressed. Guardianship against us, although for us,” said the girl.

A neighbor of the family and classmate love Natalia Georgievna considers that the friend did everything for the children, always monitor their appearance, the washed clothes, fed, educated and taught to work. Moreover, the couple maintains their own farm.

“The court is one hair, hair. Latched on to her. Yes, he is always in a circle of boys were. Funny as it might sound. The bag came up, hung for the child. I can too. I wuv 50 years, you know, from the first grade, and our classmate – the head of the kindergarten. I ask her: “Tanya, however, that M. (a teacher in a kindergarten. – Ed.) Luba takes the children?” – “Well, I don’t know, but in fact, she said she would take the children, she loves them”. And then, when the children were taken, two of the brothers took to it,” – said Nataliya Georgievna.

As reports the edition “New newspaper”, December 22, scheduled the next hearing in the court of the village of Bograd.