Ингеборгу Дапкунайте выгнали из кафе за неподобающий вид Colleague actress Irina Rozanova told of an interesting incident that happened on the set. Ingeborga Dapkunaite was dressed in the outfit “night butterflies”. The waitress flatly refused to serve a group of artists, taking them for the girls of easy virtue.
Ингеборгу Дапкунайте выгнали из кафе за неподобающий вид

In the late ‘ 80s to buy fashionable clothes was difficult, or rather practically impossible in the conditions of rigid shortage in the Soviet Union. Directed by Peter Todorovski for realistic images in the film “intergirl” been looking for outfits for Actresses, and then ordered them in Sweden. Cherish every thing and begged artists: “be Careful, but don’t ruin clothes imported”. Most of this did not carry the Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

On the eve of the anniversary of 20 January, Lithuanian celebrity marks 55 years – her colleague Irina Rozanova told about incidents with the actress on the set: “Inge was fascinated by the entire team your smile. Working with her was a pleasure. Every day we were doing bright makeup, crazy hair styling, we looked accordingly of the role, direct real girls of easy virtue. In the beginning of the filming costume designer Alina gave us nylon stockings and asked: “Girls, there are only two pairs on each of you. Please, don’t tear, my head will blow!” We are always very carefully wore them and took off, trying not to leave clues. Once I sit, waiting for a nod from the Director, when to enter the frame. “What a nightmare! A nightmare!” – suddenly we hear screams Dapkunaite. We ran to her in panic, and she laments: “the Arrow went! Probably touched the chair. Really gonna kill me!” I started to reassure her friend, then gently reported the incident to Alina. She quickly found the spare pantyhose scene was successfully filmed”.

Ингеборгу Дапкунайте выгнали из кафе за неподобающий вид

“The next location in the scenario was the pool, clothes – white European sports costumes. For effect decided to make all the girls long false nails. For beauty treatments we were sent to the Studio “Mosfilm” for the strength of their molded directly into the “Moment”. Not before we get to the site, the presenter says, “looks Like a fingernail ripped off. Must be correct!” Pulls out a vial and starts to touch up, and we’re in the car going! Of course, at this point, a car abruptly falls into a pothole. Red nail Polish spilled on white pants. “God! Again! Alina definitely will not be me anymore to work,” nervous Dapkunaite. Had to get out somehow. Fortunately the guys from the crew was acetone. Otter spot. But these scenes still eventually cut from the final release – nothing saved formovie costumes. A few scenes unfolded on the territory of this hospital, where I Ingeborga starred with Helen Yakovleva. Lena was a nurse, and we are again in the image of moths. Finished scene to night and she went to the nearest cafe.”

Ингеборгу Дапкунайте выгнали из кафе за неподобающий вид

“Tired to such an extent that I had no strength even to change: Yakovlev in a white robe, and Ingeborg with her hair, these wild nails and arousing dresses, barely covering the hips. The institution has occupied a free little table. After twenty minutes of waiting we finally approached a young waitress. “Three cups of coffee, please,” said Dapkunaite. The judgmental stares up at her and said nothing. Decided maybe the accent did not understand it. “Three bowls-Ki Ko-Fe”, – has slowly repeated Ingeborg again. And she answered: “Ladies, you are from a rooming house run? I’m not going to serve you”. Surprise we literally went numb. To the question why, I heard: “You in the mirror mark? Came in a decent place in such vulgar outfits, and even a doctor. I trouble with the law is not needed! Please, leave the school”.

“Tried to justify himself: they say, actress, don’t you recognize us? But the young lady argument was not impressed: “we Know we have such artists! Ladies, out!” It was useless to argue, and desire to drink coffee is gone. Go down the street, silent, and the people around. And suddenly laugh. The picture is really funny. Two makeup doctors! It’s not every day such a sight to see, but then there’s the night”.

“Sorry, after the premiere, the girls no longer met. When you see them on TV, enjoy the success. No matter how much someone has played. I hope that someday we will gather our “intercompany” and drink finally the proverbial coffee. Because remember we always have something!”