The infamous star of “House-2” Oksana Duckweed almost died

Скандально известная звезда «Дома-2» Оксана Ряска едва не умерла Doctors saved her life. As Oksana told, she was born seven months, but doctors managed to help the girl. Now Duckweed recalls with gratitude this case. Today, the ex-contestant of reality show is congratulated happy birthday.

Oksana Duckweed was a member of “House-2” in 2012-2013. It was considered a anti-hero because she acted very aggressive towards other inhabitants of telestroke. Duckweed became popular after the scandals and clashes with the guys. Oksana was born in the town of Luga in Leningrad region. As told the girl her mother, she was born premature at seven months.

“Two days in the womb of a mother I was without water as my Mama before I gave birth and realized that my water breaks because at the time she did not know many details. The ambulance took her to a maternity home: it turned out I was four times to rewind the cord, and when the doctor got to me, they were shocked! I was a seven-month baby, who survived after all! “You wanted into this world! – told to me by my mother. – As much ahead of time asked,” shared Duckweed.

The girl is happy because today she celebrates birthday. She remembered a time when loved ones were thinking how to call the baby. “The name I gave my beloved grandmother Galya and dad. Oksana – that is a huge symbol in my life! And, you know, still I don’t understand, how I begged to live and survived my mother, it could happen, but no! I came into this world and happy that my parents gave me such a life. From the little crumbs I grew up in bright and strong-minded girl, and also able since childhood to fight. And God gave me beauty, kindness and health. Yay! Today is my birthday!” – said Oksana.

Star receives congratulations from followers. They wish happiness, good luck in your personal life and success in work. Duckweed is in no hurry to start a family, because at the age of 19 she was already married. “I believe that marriage should be approached seriously and in any case not to hurry. I was in a hurry, and in the end the marriage failed. We divorced due to the fact that we have very different personalities. I tried to fix the situation, but people have not changed. The first time after the divorce of any relationship and out of the question. Only after a while I realized that is ready for new relations”, – says the girl.