The increased bust Irina Shayk delighted fans

Увеличившийся бюст Ирины Шейк восхитил фанатов
The model admitted that she’s worried for their safety.

Irina Shayk

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

Irina Shayk who gave birth a month ago, boasted in social media bust “nursing mommy.” The model published a photo in daring lace top, it is advantageous stressing of the changes in her figure. New photos have collected a lot of positive reviews from fans and hundreds of thousands of likes.

The shake is not showing while her daughter, which she and Bradley Cooper, the father called the original name of Leah De St. She skillfully hides from the paparazzi that follow her around. Reporters literally chasing Irina in order to get the first photo of the Russian top model with my daughter. Sheik admitted yesterday that begins to worry about his safety. After the birth she even changed the brand of the mobile phone to have a more secure connection with loved ones. Probably she fears to be hacked.

In Hollywood in recent years, cases of virtual attacks. So, recently, the Network was leaked Nude photos of Emma Watson, who inflicted serious damage on its excellent reputation. The most famous was the case of phone hacking the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. By the way, in her case the fraud were found by the police and subsequently convicted.

As for the Shake, the fans hope that the model still would not hide from the paparazzi forever, and will soon present their baby to the world. However, it is worth noting that some of the foreign stars managed to hide the children until the moment when they began to go to school.