Импичмент Дональда Трампа: как знаменитости реагируют на эту новость

Импичмент Дональда Трампа: как знаменитости реагируют на эту новость

Yesterday, 18 December 2019, the U.S. House of representatives voted to impeach 73-year-old Donald trump. Apparently the President will not be able to celebrate the Christmas holidays in a good mood. Donald is accused of violation of two articles of the Constitution: the abuse of power and an obstacle to the coordinated work of the Congress. The reason for such charges was a telephone conversation trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. During the conversation, Donald trump has demanded an investigation against the Hayter Biden, who is the son of a former contender for the U.S. presidency.

Yesterday’s vote suggests that the 45th U.S. President will have to resign in advance. If this happens, then Donald trump will be the third in U.S. history, a President who will leave the post as a result of impeachment.

Donald trump will be suspended if so decided by the court in the Senate. But the Democrats are a little worried about this, as the court in the Senate controlled by the Republican party, it is the current head of the country. So Donald has a slight advantage. Many conservatives refuse to participate in the case against trump, because I believe that liberals just revenge for the elections held in 2016. The matter of impeachment will be considered in January of the following year.

Donald trump did not talk much about the decision of the house. He just commented on their thoughts on Twitter in one sentence, calling the Democratic party the country’s suicides.

The news of impeachment have already responded to some celebrities, confident that trump will still leave his post. The first did Hailey Baldwin. In social network Instagram she wrote once, “bye, Felicia!”. In America, this expression is used when someone is trying to get with disdain. However, the model some time later deleted this post, without explaining the reasons. Actor Cole Sprouse also did not hide their positive feelings on the matter and stated that it is time to begin to celebrate this event.

Alyssa Milano most of all imbued with the situation, saying that waited this long, but she is now very sick at heart over the state of America. The actress believes that even impeachment will not help the country to erase all that has been made by the trump for 4 years. Milano believes that now for the country’s reconstruction needs a few generations. However, she is happy that the Democratic party has shown that they can be trusted.

Perhaps a celebrity to get too excited, after all, only won the vote. What Donald trump will leave the post of President while there is no guarantee.

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