"Бессмертный" Горец празднует день рождения
Adrian Half – 57 years!

"Бессмертный" Горец празднует день рождения

Adrian Paul

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Fans of the cult TV series “Highlander” in a hurry today
to wish my idol happy birthday. Since then, as the screens came
the latest series of the TV show flying for 18 years, but Adrian Paul is still remembered and
love. However, at the end of the show Floor hasn’t cleaned his famous sword in
the pantry. He’s still at least twice returned to the role. In the movie “Highlander: End
games” in 2000 and in the TV movie “Highlander: the Source”.

Curiously, in fact, Adrian, who starred
more than 3 dozen films, was not going to become an actor. Future
the actor, whose full name is Adrian Paul Hewitt, was born in London, in may
1959. Although father Paul is a native Brit, his mother was born in Sunny
Italy. So he learned to talk fluently not only English, but
and the language of their mothers. And then mastered French. When the Floor is moved in
America, he dabbled in modeling and professional dancing.
So when Adrian offered to play the role of a ballet dancer in the movie “Dynasty
Colby,” he agreed without hesitation. Thus began his film career…

Paul still appeared in films, though not too
high-profile projects. For example, last year on the screens out as many as three films with
his participation. Besides, Paul wrote the script, and tries himself as
Director and producer. He founded not one but two production companies.

And in his spare time from the movie Adrian is also not bored. It
the main hobby, as it turned out poker! He plays brilliantly and from time to time
participates in major tournaments. Besides, Paul has two beloved offspring.
First- his PEACE charity project to help children living in
difficult conditions. And secondly — the school of fencing with swords Sword Experience.

As for the real Adrian,he has them
two: Angelisa daughter and son Royce. Their mother is actress Alexandra Tonelli, which
he once met in Hungary on the set of the film “Offspring” in 2001. Although
Gender and Tonelli are not married, they are quite happy together.

Adrian Paul in the Highlander series

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