Внебрачный сын Жени Белоусова испытывает острую нужду в деньгах The young man had nowhere to live. The heir Zhenya Belousov wanders on to friends and moonlights as a mechanic to feed themselves. Novel dreams to become a musician and enter the Academy of arts, but it also no money.
Внебрачный сын Жени Белоусова испытывает острую нужду в деньгах

Zhenya Belousov was considered to be the main sex symbol of show business in the early 90s. Girls went crazy for the singer, and he gladly reciprocated to them. Of endless novels of the artist was legendary. So, it is quite a long meeting with keyboard player of his team Oksana Shidlovskaya. In 1992 she gave birth to the pop star son Roman.

Now the heir Belousova dreams of the glory of the father. He also engaged in music, but is not able to earn through creativity. In the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Roman admitted that he worked as a mechanic, so he had the means to life.

“We were forced to rent an apartment, moved to a house outside the city. But it is rather giving. I’m rarely there, so I go to sleep. I have no Studio, just a room with a sleeping place. Music does not make money, it rather takes them. We have a lot to spend. Now moonlighting as a mechanic, but there is also a small income”, – says the young man.
Внебрачный сын Жени Белоусова испытывает острую нужду в деньгах

The novel is not inherited from his father nothing but big names. Apartment Belousov got his first wife and daughter. Ask sister Christine help the young person does not want, as ashamed of his position. With a relative he talks rarely, but still tries to maintain a connection.

Eugene Belousova’s widow: “my Husband said that he has a son from another, and went”

Now the heir Belousov wants to enroll in a music University. The young man has no higher education, so he has to learn to play instruments.

“I sing in a rock band and occasionally perform as a multi-instrumentalist. Last year thought to act in GITIS, but to cope with the entrance exams failed. And to pay for studies, there are very expensive”, – said Roman.

When Zhenya Belousov died, his illegitimate son was only five years old. However, the heir of the artist preserved a lot of memories of my father. According to Roman, dad often walked with him in the Park, come for the weekend and gave gifts.

Here only the songs of the famous parents, the novel does not listen. He is interested in completely different music. The young man hopes that the producers will notice it and will help in the promotion in show business. In the meantime, the heir Belousova is content with rare performances and jobs.