Незаконнорожденный сын Тома Джонса умоляет позволить ему увидеть тяжело больного отца
Young man afraid, may not be able to find Tom alive.

Tom Jones


Born out of wedlock
the singer’s son of a millionaire — 30-year-old Jonathan Berkeley in despair. It already
repeatedly asked relatives
to allow him to see 78-year-old Tom Jones, who is currently
in the hospital with a severe bacterial infection. But every time Berkeley has received
failure. And now Jonathan decided to write
an open letter — in the hope to finally be heard.

“I’m afraid that if
even the delay, it may be too late… Dad’s sick and I want to get it
to see. I swear, I don’t want it. Only to sit by his bed and
if he wants to talk…” wrote Berkeley.

As explained by Jonathan,
when he was younger, I was angry at my father because he took so long
wanted to admit it. “But now I have calmed down and the only thing I have now
care about is his health. I was hoping that after the death of his wife, he wants
to meet with me. However, so far my hopes have not been fulfilled…,” he told Berkeley.

Recall that Jonathan has appeared on
a novel
Tom Jones with model Katherine Berkeley. In 1987, she gave birth to a child, the fruit of their
love, however, Jones said that this is not his child. Then Katherine sued, and
after genetic testing, it has been proven that Jones is the father
Jonathan. However, Tom said he did not believe in the results of the examination. He
did not need was an illegitimate son, because he was married and
she has a son from his wife Linda. In the end, in 2008, he admitted that Jonathan was his son, but
did not want to communicate with Berkeley.

Tom Jones had Katherine no
material support and the boy grew up in more than modest conditions. In
now he earns his living as a street singer and musician.
As recognized by Jonathan, best of all he manages the performance hits of his father.