The illegitimate son of Alexei Maklakov years later forgave his father

Внебрачный сын Алексея Маклакова спустя годы простил отца The star of the series “Soldiers” came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Alexey Maklakov told the broadcaster that never knew his father, and the closest person to him was mom. Despite this, the artist himself once left the woman with a small child in her arms.
Внебрачный сын Алексея Маклакова спустя годы простил отца

National love Alexei Maklakov received after the domestic screens of the series “Soldiers”. The soldier in the performance of the artist became the real hero, the darling of the public.

As it turned out, in his personal life the actor has experienced a lot of losses and failures. The actor told Boris Korchevnikov that never knew his father, and the closest person to him was mom. After her death, the artist was left alone and addicted to alcohol. Maklakov also told the TV host about former lovers. It turned out that the actor in the mid-80s, was born the son Prokhor. With him Maklakov became friends only recently when the heir grew up.

All Maklakova five children. Two sons Prokhorov and Ilya, the daughter Nika, who lives in America: all the heirs of the artist were born from different women. The last marriage to Anna Romanova the actor was born two girls – Irina and Sofia.

Movie star Korchevnikov explained why she left the first son.

“Now he’s 32. Prokhor older than Elijah. He was born in Tomsk. I worked there after graduation. His mother was a beautiful woman, worked as an architect. I paid child support for 18 years, I am an honest man. My children know me, this is different from his father. Mom prochor amazing structure, the thin man. Architects – separate caste. For her there were two in the world. I was in that world where they are temporarily present. When two talented people meet, plus by plus gives minus,” said the actor in the broadcast transmission.

Maklakov left the woman with a small child in her arms. In recognition of the actor, he did not communicate with Prokhorov for many years, because I worked a lot and wanted to succeed in a career. The name of the mother of the eldest son of Maklakov was not called.

“I then hugged Please. And said in his ear: “We will meet. You will be proud of his father,” recalled the actor. Maklakov admitted that now the eldest son he has a great relationship. They communicate, a movie star, even met from the hospital his grandson Plato.

Today, the actor is happy with Anna Romanova. Lover under Maklakova for 23 years. The couple got married 10 years ago, and we met while working on the series “Soldiers”.

“He’s responsible, caring, wonderful. When introduced, gifts were given, the beautiful words spoken. Parents saw that I love this man, but more is needed,” said Anna on a talk show. Maklakov, in turn, said that now absolutely happy, the artist really loves younger daughters. “I was subjected to the rhythm of Ani, her tastes became mine. I was protected by family. For example, you are provoked and when you protected the family”, – said the actor at the end of the program.

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