Идеальные любовницы: самые страстные знаки зодиака Date of birth affects the power. According to the astrologer, each girl has their own unique charm, however, men should remember that women need a special approach.

Zodiac signs reveal to us the secrets that allow you to know people better. Astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang told about who women are the best lovers. According to him, each sign has its own power and element, and it is directly affects the human temperament.

12 – Virgo

Virgo in bed quite cold. Often they do not know what they need sexually. Those born under this zodiac sign are not very fond of experiments and show little emotion. Virgo treat sex as a marital debt. Singer Tatyana Kotova rarely speaks about his personal life. However, many fans no doubt – ex-participant of “VIA gra” is hardly deprived of male attention.

11th place – Capricorn

They love to plan everything in life, including intimacy. Women-Capricorns do not like spontaneous sex in unexpected places – prefer home in bed at the appointed time. So many men would be bored with such a woman. Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova famous for his candid photographs, which she makes in a literal string, wearing a mini bikini. Not so long ago in the Network got the pictures in a moment of intimacy. Was very annoyed the celebrity.

10 place – Cancer

Cancers love sex, but they prefer themselves to enjoy it than to give sensations to her partner. Girl with Cancer very passionate, but she’s not often willing to meet their needs – 1-2 times a week is enough for them. So what do men need to be with the representatives of this zodiac sign are patient and hardworking. Actress Natalia Rudova prefers to ignore the details of his personal life. Fans are wondering who will be able to win the heart of the blonde beauty.

9th place – Taurus

Those born under this zodiac sign love sex the way it is, without fantasy and role-playing games. Taurus woman is very tender, moreover, it clearly limits the scope of what is permitted. If a man will entice her to the kind of intimacy that she does not accept, then rested in the horns of Taurus. If a woman says no, it means no. The singer Nastya Kamensky has long stirred the imagination of men by their shapes. However, until now fans are wondering who the actress is in a relationship. Many assume that it was her colleague Potap but the pair has so far refrained from comment.

8th place – Aquarius

Aquarians need emotions and relationships. She is trying first and foremost to create a good atmosphere – light some candles, cook a romantic dinner and wear beautiful lingerie. But, unfortunately, the very process Aquarians are not so closely as to prepare for it. About Vera Brezhneva is a dream of many men – no wonder she constantly occupies a leading position in the rankings of the sexiest Actresses of show business. However, the singer has long made his choice – was married to producer Konstantin Meladze.

7th place – Leo

Lioness love attention and flirting. She behaves very provocatively and sexy, and many men believe that they face a real goddess of sex. But you need to remember that they are good Actresses and they love it when a lot of viewers. As soon as a girl would be alone with a man, she becomes more restrained in emotions. Anna Pletneva very often chooses for her videos provocative outfits. Although in real life the actress is married for 13 years and has three children.

6th place: Aries

Aries woman loves to achieve men and she loves to be home in bed. If a man likes to be on the sidelines, the girl of this sign of the zodiac – what he needs. Aries passionate, and for him the main thing – to leave a good impression about yourself. Actress Evelina Bledans admitted that worked as an understudy Elena Yakovleva – she starred in the erotic scenes of the film.

5th place – the Twins

Female Twins loves sex, and they make a very good mistress. For example, for Twins the proximity is not an occasion for a serious relationship, they give in to passion because I want it. And after a night of love you can again to work and household chores. A few years ago, Natasha Koroleva caught in a sex scandal. Hackers hacked into her personal archive, where the candid video with her husband Sergei Glushko. The artist was unfortunate that unknown has published such footage, but also noted her to be ashamed of.

4th place – Scorpio

Scorpio very passionate lover, but first she tries it for himself. These girls are selfish in bed, so if a man does not have time for her then that’s his problem. Candid photos of the writer and businesswoman Lena often become public.

3rd place – Libra

Female Libra loves to experiment – don’t try you’ll never know. And men will never be bored with such a choice the next, main thing here is to take the initiative and to hear a confident Yes! Last year, readers of “StarHit” admitted Svetlana Loboda sexiest actress. Now the singer is expecting her second child. For all fans of this news became a sensation, because the singer of the hit “Your eyes” was never mentioned about the father of the child. Now all wondering who the lucky guy who Svetlana gave their attention.

2nd place – Archer

This is one of the sexiest characters that beat in the heart. Sex with them is remembered for a lifetime, and most importantly, the Archers know very well that you need them man. They try to learn your partner thoroughly. Singer Anna Sedokova likes to emphasize their sexy seductive outfits and regularly ranks among the most attractive women. And recently the artist started his own column, which talks about intimacy and sharing his own experience.

1st place – Fish

Fish take pride of first place. They think about the partner and about yourself. Sex with them is always an interesting adventure in which there is a place of fantasies and emotions. These girls – these gurus who are improving their skills each time. Anna Semenovich is still an enviable bride. Around the singer’s constant hype – many men lose their head from a sexy actress. However, Anna herself does not take the time to give your heart to some one.