Муж, избивавший Алену Кравец, защитил ее от Даны Борисовой Businessman outraged by the presenter. Ruslan Kravets learned that his ex-wife who is accused of unacceptable behavior. The man is pissed that Dana Borisova allows himself to insult the mother of his child.
Муж, избивавший Алену Кравец, защитил ее от Даны Борисовой

During holidays between Alena Kravets and Dana Borisova had a quarrel. TV presenter accused the actress that she allegedly communicates with men for money. The artist was outraged by such familiar statements and could not understand the reason for such relationships – because she always stood up for her in various TV shows.

Alena Kravets and Dana Borisova a scandal

The parties to the conflict met in the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Alain said that this situation had a negative impact on her daughter Danielle. The girl a few days did not go to school because of the ridicule. She is very worried about the girl. Kravets doesn’t want her name tainted by unpleasant gossip.

“All boundaries the woman moved. I’m a patient man, but the feelings of my child hurt. Daughter with me just now. Do not go to school for four days. To meet with other children and talking about me bad things. Several times she came home in tears,” – said Kravetz.
Муж, избивавший Алену Кравец, защитил ее от Даны Борисовой

Former husband of the singer Ruslan, who allowed himself to raise his hand to her, hastened to protect the ex-spouse. He said that he always watched over Alena and would not allow my mother to his child behaved inappropriately.

“Dana Borisova, you’re pathetic, you need heals. My ex-wife did not render services to men for money. I know myself and tracked for long life. I better than anyone know it. Injured my child. She heard her mother publicly accused of prostitution,” said the businessman.

Муж, избивавший Алену Кравец, защитил ее от Даны Борисовой

Dana Borisova decided not to endure the accusations. She was furious that now that she’s out of rehab after addiction, it still considered dependent.

“To call a drug addict goes untreated. She’s a psychologist, psychiatrist, to say such a thing?” – was indignant Given.

Муж, избивавший Алену Кравец, защитил ее от Даны Борисовой

The presenter told us that she allegedly began to write men and to tell you about Alain nasty. For Krawiec, it was a complete surprise. The singer admitted that she had rich Boyfriends after she got divorced, but often it does not allow them to give her luxurious gifts.

“I have the richest fans, who can donate a car, an apartment, a house. Many I refused. I have someone who loves me very much. He is willing to do anything for me – made a house on the ruble. Me houses do not buy, I am self-sufficient woman who has everything,” admitted Allen.

In the Studio also met Masha Malinovskaya, who wanted to reconcile Kravets and Borisov. Last year Dana was the name of the presenter is also to undergo rehabilitation to overcome drug addiction. The discussion was joined by stylist Borisova ray Samedov. He said that This was the relationship with men, for which she received money. Moreover, the man remembered that sometimes he had to solve a situation if they refused to pay. After these words, Dana left the Studio.

Lawyer Alena Kravets Nazar Nazarov is going to ensure that is Given officially apologized on his page on Instagram before his client. Lawyer Alena Kravets: “We will apply for Dana Borisov to court”

“I wanted to be better, if I offended someone, sorry. Okay, I’ll write apologies to Aretha,” promised Dana is back in the Studio.