Муж Собчак рассекретил имя наследника

Autumn 2016 marked for Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak, a joyous event – they became parents. The couple had a boy, whose name they still decided not to call. The press and rumors, most of which talked about the fact that the baby’s name is Plato. Maxim and Xenia this information is not confirmed and not denied. And here, the New year Vitorgan decided to make a gift to his followers and told what name they are called son.

On his page in Instagram the actor posted a photo where you captured a beautiful Christmas toy. In the middle of it is the name of Plato. “With the new!;-))) Thanks for the gifts!!!” – said in comments to the post.

“Finally, we know the name of Your synulki?!:)”, “Good day, very loud and beautiful name, well, such parents only. Well done!!!health and happiness!!!”, “Oh, how cool! A wonderful name for a beautiful boy)”, “Plato Vitorgan rezhit hearing 👹”, “Very beautiful name!!!”, “Plato? Unexpectedly, All the same Plato called”, ” 😂😂😂what gift people have done. Finally everyone will know the name of your son. You can safely celebrate the New year 😂👍” – commented on the record Vitorgan his subscribers.