The husband of Yulia Savicheva were afraid for their daughter’s life

Муж Юлии Савичевой боялся за жизнь их дочери The actress said, as the husband took the appearance of Ani in the light. According to star of stage, Sasha learned how to deal with the baby, although at first he could not sleep at night, too, worrying about the baby.

After the baby is born Yulia Savicheva quickly returned to creative activity. Recently, the artist has released a music video for the song “fear Not”, and in January began to give concerts. As recognized by ward Maxim Fadeev, she had to quickly restore the form. Savicheva adhered to dietary restrictions and exercise. According to the artist, she feels like has changed after the daughter of Ani.

“I am many things began to look absolutely differently. What once seemed important now seems an absolute nonsense. For me the main thing now is the health of my child, my and my family. And I suddenly realized that work is not something on which everything converges. But before thought about how I will leave this profession at least for some short time,” shared Julia.

According to Savicheva, the greatest caution in dealing with her daughter showed her husband Alexander. However, who is the husband in all helps the artist.

“Sasha was initially afraid to even breathe on Anna. The first time he could not sleep – like a hawk over my daughter circled. Checked – breathing, not breathing. Even such things. I once more relaxed attitude to this. But now my husband could replace me and grandmothers,” said the singer.

Now that a couple prefers to hide the baby from the public, so as many other parents are not satisfied with Ana photo shoots and does not share staff with the participation of daughters in social networks. Savicheva also hid the pregnancy: at this period she was in Portugal. She and her husband rested from his father. The decision to go abroad took a couple after the ordeal that they had to face. Savicheva lost their first child, which greatly affected her emotional state.

Julia Savicheva lost the baby

The artist tries to do charity and help other people in distress. Julia became a member of the Fund “Change one life”. Within this movement it provides support to orphaned children. Julia has two wards of Barrow, her hometown. “The boy for three years, and an older girl. The boy, by the way, there are still brothers and sisters. I’ve decided to do two at once,” said the star in an interview with the magazine “Hello!”.