The husband of Victoria Daineko avoids meetings with the child

Супруг Виктории Дайнеко избегает встреч с ребенком The actress openly told how her communication with her husband after the divorce. According to Victoria, Mr Kleiman rarely visits the daughter, and together they they communicate only by e-mail.

About a week ago Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman officially divorced. According to the actress, she did not think that the spouse decide to divorce and submit an application to the court by not informing her about it. Victoria learned the process from journalists.

“I even subpoenas. Maybe everything is so well staged that I just was not in Moscow, and the summons returned to the court unclaimed. The husband knew that we were leaving. Surprisingly, we called him and discussed the health of the child because the daughter was very cold. We were in touch, but he wasn’t talking about court. Decided everything quietly…” said Daineko.

The singer has recovered after breaking up with Dimitri. The star is of the opinion that it is much easier to work and act, when all is quiet. Besides, according to the ex-participant of “Factory of stars”, their daughter no longer hears the quarrel of their parents. Despite the difficult parting with Kleiman, Dayneko was able to find the strength not to faint. Woman still believes in love and dream to meet a reliable man.

Victoria worried that the child did not see the father. According to the artist, Kleiman met with the daughter only in July.

Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”

“The child he loves very dearly, but in theory, in reality, is seen with her daughter once in two months, living in the same city. I offer many options, and in response to hear: “No time, no time, busy,” said the singer.

Dayneko told journalists that prohibits Kleiman to see the child. However, the woman is not meeting the father with the baby at home. She believes that any visit of Dmitry can bring negative emotions. The girl often asks where daddy is. Victoria was surprised by that approach, the ex-spouse.

“I really want her to have a real father who would care for her and wondered if she lacks warm pants, not rooted if it is of a jacket or whatever it is for a little red spot on the handle popped up…” – said Victoria in conversation with the newspaper “7 days”.

Dayneko tries to forget all the bad things that happened in the relationship with her ex-husband. She wants Dmitry to meet someone who are ideal for him. The artist is very optimistic. Victoria dreams about the chosen one who will carry her in his arms, to love and respect.