Муж Тори Спеллинг вновь обратился в правоохранительные органы из-за жены

Police in Los Angeles again visited the home of 44-year-old tori spelling — a week after a nervous breakdown actress. The husband of the star, 51-year-old Dean McDermott, dialed 911 after his wife left the house.

“We got a call asking to check if everything was okay with tori spelling. Called her husband. Officers contacted her and came to the conclusion that everything is normal,” – told reporters Sergeant Eric Bushaw.

Recall that this is not the first time the police visits the house of the actress. Tori spelling allowed himself inadequate and aggressive behavior when she thought that her house snuck in by an unknown person. After this incident appeared in the media some details of the incident. According to the source, this behavior is a result of stress and heavy period, which occurred in the life of the actress.

“She’s very tightly wound. It’s hard for her to raise their five children. And last year when she had a lot of problems at work and in your personal life, and it was stressful for her. She worried a lot, though, and knew that sooner or later it will reach a tipping point and is bad for her health,” — said the source.

The actress took a lot of strength to forgive the repeated betrayal by her 51-year-old wife of Dean McDermott. Despite the infidelity of her husband, the couple love each other and try to do everything possible to create harmony in their family and home. “Family is the most important for both of them,” he says.

On the morning of Thursday, March 1, police officers in Los Angeles arrived at the home of tori, after some of her relatives dialed the precinct and reported the inappropriate behavior of the actress.

As writes the news portal TMZ, spelling was behaving very aggressively, which has caused concern from someone from home. A day earlier, the rescue service called the actress, which seemed that an unknown person broke into her house. It later turned out that the intruder she took her husband, 51-year-old Dean McDermott.

Spelling and McDermott are living in a marriage of 12 years and raising five children, the youngest of which is now one year old.