The husband of the NYSE responded to the rumors about cheating spouses

Муж Нюши отреагировал на слухи об измене супруги
Igor Sivov suffered emotional shock.

Nyusha with her husband Igor Sivov


Truly happy couples are often cause irritation and envy of others. The enemies tried to destroy the family idyll Nyusha and Igor Sivova. The husband of the singer “told” that the artist can supposedly cheat on him with an ex — boyfriend Egor Creed. And the reason for such bold statements have become… huskies in social networks. Observant fans noted that Jane sometimes gives ex-lover.

“Watch your wifey, so she doesn’t laykala Egorka,” wrote Igor. That, of course, such blatant and vile commentary was outraged to the depths. Sivov emotionally reacted to the provocation Hayter. In response, the singer’s husband asked the author to look only at themselves and their lives, making it clear that he does not believe in spreading gossip. And then he “incited” at mudslinger fans Nyusha. It is curious that he soon deleted the correspondence with the detractors of social networks.

Nyusha has not commented on the incident. And probably did the right thing. After all, to engage in dialogue with haters — a relatively pointless idea. By the way, Nyusha previously admitted she finds that jealousy is beneficial to a relationship. “I think that any man beside the girl singer will be worry, nervous, and jealous. This is a good reason to always be alert, do not relax. In General, it is always in good shape,” said the singer.