The husband of the missing heroine “Houses-2” complains of police inaction

Муж пропавшей героини «Дома-2» жалуется на бездействие полиции Civilian spouse of Maria Natalia Politov through “StarHit” trying to reach out to law enforcement officers. Artem Shnurov believes that the police are not even trying to find the missing girl. After the guy wrote a statement about the disappearance of Masha, he never called back.

30-year-old ex-participant reality show “House-2” Maria Politova disappeared on 4 December. Left the apartment, leaving the phone, and never returned. This was announced by the civil husband of the girl through her social media sites.

In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Artem said: Maria suffers from bipolar disorder, her severe depression, she’s on heavy medication. And these pills were missing from his house along with Natalia Politov.

Husband disappeared participants “House-2”: “Mary took from the house the potent pills”

Worrying about the health and life of Masha, Shnurov sent a statement to the police. In OMVD of the Transfiguration, which came to Tom, promised to help and forwarded the papers to the address of permanent residence, in Konkovo. In parallel to searches of the girl joined a social organization “Lisa Alert”. Search engines at once took up the matter, the activists began to distribute ads about the missing photo of Natalia Politov.

“But the police to me was no longer associated, in principle, so I’m not sure that there is generally something to do, – tells Artem frustrated. – It would be great if you can give the police the “media kick”, asks the guy the correspondent of “StarHit”. – Let organize normal search, and then apparently decided to pull all the brakes. Especially after the publication in the same media…”

We are talking about the news, in which journalists assume: Masha Politova could take out a Bank loan and go to one of the prisons of Murmansk area – on a date with her ex-boyfriend, who is serving the penalty. Shnurov believes that all of this is complete nonsense and nothing more than speculation. Artem is very worried that in the near future recordings of the surveillance cameras will be erased. And only the police can rapidly withdraw and study.

Missing former participant “Houses-2” Maria Politova could go out to the colony

“Version may be what you want. Maybe it in this [painful] a state of “southern brothers” was taken away and held somewhere in the country, I don’t know… Way we must track!” – insists-law husband of the missing ex-member “House-2”.