Муж герцогини Кэмбриджской опозорился на дне рождения королевы
The heir to the throne Prince William got a strict “scolding” from Elizabeth.

The Royal family of great Britain

Photo: Splash News/East news

to think that royalty is not life, but a fairy tale, but in fact it is not
so. Why is only one of the Palace etiquette that gave rise to infinitely long
list of requirements: what you can do, and
what they don’t. Why are only some overtures to the younger members of the family in front of
higher in the hierarchy… And though princes and princesses are brought up in strict
within etiquette almost from the cradle, sometimes they allow “piercing”.

Prince William,
for example, I had a chance to lead on the recent birthday of the Queen. The whole scene
played out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the parade. Royal
family in full force, including the youngest, stood there quite a
for a long time, and the kids began to get tired. Charlotte is relatively lucky: she
the time spent in the arms of his mother. And George, who will soon turn three
years, had as big to hold all the time on my feet.

cross, William, trying to comfort him, mechanically knelt down.
The crowd gathered at the bottom, didn’t see it, but viewers who watched
broadcast of the parade, witnessed as a future monarch stood on
the knee before the son! And that was for William much worse, his movement is not
escaped the vigilant attention of Elizabeth. She came in very indignation, and
motioned to her grandson, that he immediately stood up. And later slowly so
chastised William that he didn’t know where to go from embarrassment.

By the way,
as told by one lawful spouse of the Duchess of Cambridge, it has already happened in
the past to “reprimand” from simply “grandma”. He especially
went once when he was very young. Then he and his
cousins Zara and Peter, children of Princess Anne, played on a Golf course
one of the country estates. Boys misbehaved, began chasing Bury on
the map and accidentally crashed into a lamppost. He collapsed almost
crushing granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth… then scolded William, as
swears Prince, he can’t forget that scene until now…

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