The husband of Natasha Koroleva told about the pregnancy

Муж Наташи Королевой рассказал о ее беременности The couple had long dreamed about the baby. Natasha Koroleva alerted fans of the controversial publication in the microblog. “StarHit” contacted Sergey Glushko to learn about what is happening in their family.

      Today singer Natasha Koroleva has intrigued his fans with the unexpected publication in the microblog. She posted the picture, which left an ambiguous caption: “waiting for a miracle!” Fans were alarmed and decided that the actress and her husband Sergei Glushko again going to become parents. They rushed to congratulate the singer with such a joyous event. “Wow news. Is the long-awaited baby? Songs all the time, then leave. Congratulations, pretty lady!”, “Natasha, congratulations on your pregnancy, dear! Very happy for you and Serezha!”, “And what of the miracle? The first thing that came to mind is pregnancy,” wrote a follower.

      “StarHit” decided to get in touch with the star couple to find out exactly what he wanted to tell the Queen of his publication.

      “Yes, the picture and signature Natasha has really gotten funny, – said Sergey. – Well, you understand that we, creative people, can you bear not only similar, but also something else. To say anything yet I will not. But it would be a huge surprise for everyone!”

      A couple of Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko fans believe one of the highest in the Russian show business. They complement each other. The couple admit that they have no reason for quarrels. They intuitively feel that each of them need to rest and not to prevent it.

      “When you realize that sat side by side, began a routine, looking for adventure can dramatically break and go with friends to relax, – said the Queen. Sergei remains on the farm. He likes to lie on the couch at the telly… Or would together clean the inside of a stream on the territory of monastery not far from Moscow. Sergei went to him with a guide. Doing washing and feel like updated”.

      The couple lives together for more than ten years. Now Korolev and Glushko brought up the only son Arkhip and dream that their heir will have a brother or sister. The couple are considering a variety of options for replenishment in the family. Natasha Koroleva: “To the child from an orphanage should be ready the whole family”

      “Any dream is becoming a reality. If the promise of space done right! To take the child from the orphanage, should be ready by the whole family. It was a difficult decision, thought Natasha in an interview with “StarHit”. – Refer to the surrogate mother do not want. I believe that God gives everyone strength. If at the moment it is our desire does not, then, until we can not afford. And he is waiting.”