The husband of Natasha Koroleva told about the change

Муж Наташи Королевой рассказал об изменах
Sergey Glushko admitted that he had sex for money.

Natasha Koroleva almost 15 years married to Sergey Glushko. At the dawn of their romance, most of the singer’s fans thought that the couple are doomed to failure. Many still don’t understand how is it possible to build a family with the stripper? Recently, for example, there was a scandal in the network due to the performances of “Tarzan” club Volgodonsk. The visitors were videotaped as Natasha’s husband simulated sex with a random girl from the audience. Many people then wrote in social networks that, say, if it happens on stage, what Glushko “is doing” behind the scenes.

Glushko told the other day that it’s all part of the show and nothing more. Queen he never in his life had not changed. “It’s difficult to change. He was still psychic — everything feels. Will immediately know and this does not necessarily read the news. Plus I’m a bad actor can’t disguise. When you need to be in a certain society, and there is someone I can’t stand — people will feel. No matter how I tried. Can smile, say good words, but I’m going fonit. And with family even more,” — said Sergey.

It is curious that Sergey has received offers to make love for money. Moreover, even before his marriage to Natasha, he decided to take a chance and to agree to such an adventure, but he failed. On his failure he now recalls with a smile and knows exactly why not to have fun in bed for a fee. “If I like someone, he is willing to pay. I exaggerate, of course, but the meaning is clear. If not, then at least gold fields — physically, nothing will happen. Love for money — not my story. The sense of corruption killed all the erotic thoughts. More this is not experimenting,” quoted Sergei