The husband of Natasha Koroleva feels an irresistible attraction to other women

Муж Наташи Королевой испытывает непреодолимое влечение к другим женщинам Tarzan confesses it to his wife. Sergey Glushko Natasha Koroleva even discuss those who’ve impressed them. They do not consider it shameful what they are maybe someone like it, but this does not mean that they are to decide on treason.

Couple Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko, who performs under the name Tarzan, for the past 15 years show each other love and faithfulness. Despite the fact that male Stripping, he wasn’t convicted of adultery, although attracts a lot of attention of women. The only h-a scandal in which he was, was connected with the lawful wife.

However, Sergei does not conceal that due to the large number of girls around he can not to succumb to temptations. He is not ashamed of this feeling, but rather enjoying the reaction of the opposite sex, despite the fact that the wife waiting at home.

“To feel attraction to someone is normal. Great when you have it, and do not think that this is the last nehoroshey in the world. On the contrary, it is the best feeling, which is invented on earth! The buzz from them. It is clear that there is a moral, but not drive yourself into a useless framework”, – says Sergey.

Also, Glushko noted that the admiring glances of the women add to his energy. He gets pleasure from the fact that it has an opportunity to do what he likes and doesn’t call a stripper a real job. Sergey admitted that she appropriately refers to the fact that women admire the naked body of her husband. Moreover, they even discuss those to whom they feel sympathy. Tarzan discovers the truth about cheating Natasha Koroleva and sex for money

“I once starred in one transmission, where the Studio told the girl that she was beautiful. And this woman screamed: “How can you? You’re a married man!”. What? I have ceased to be a man?! My wife and I often discuss who is like me or her. Natasha knows that I have a favorite actress, she is also someone like. This is normal. I loved and will always love women. While God and health,” said Glushko.

The artist does not understand why many are jealous. According to Sergei, this feeling should not go beyond and give the possibility to not get bored with the choice. In an interview Glushko remembered the case, which surprised him.

“I once photographed girls: one hugged me, and the second stood next to the words “I’m married. With me be careful, please.” Well, the man in the coffin. Transparent, but a coffin. “If the girl is married, she shouldn’t have to touch? This is nonsense. Married, and thus buried — so?” – shared his thoughts Tarzan.