Муж Ани Лорак из Турции: «Мы надеемся на мир» Husband and singer are in the midst of the events unfolding in the country. According to Murat Nalchajian, they hope that the situation normalizes. No disturbances in Kemer, they do not watch.

      Муж Ани Лорак из Турции: «Мы надеемся на мир»

      Singer Ani Lorak with her husband Murat Nalchajian along with daughter have a rest in Turkey, where the ongoing coup attempt. According to preliminary data, the country’s Parliament dropped the bomb. The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim called on to shoot down planes flown by the rebel forces. Fans of the singer is very worried about her. “StarHit” contacted my husband Lorak and learned how the situation.

      “Our family all right, we’re good! We hope for peace that everything will be OK” – said Murat.

      Family singer is in Kemer with daughter Sophia. Ani showed how the heir like in the resort. The hotel animators portrayed a funny pattern on the girl’s face, which captured pictures of her star mother. On the territory of the hotel complex, where the family settled, is a luxury pool where the daughter of singer learning how to swim.

      It is unknown whether the family of the stars to return to Russia. Probably, everything will depend on how events will unfold in Turkey. Major riots take place in Istanbul, which is very far from the resort town, where the rest Lorak.

      By the way, every spare minute Ani spends with the family. According to her, she is ready every day to surprise the wife. “A woman should always look phenomenal. Even at home I go in a beautiful gown, with her hair painted lashes. I do not allow myself to be dressed before her husband. Try to please her man, admire him, empathize with, consult… the Man — God to women,” said the actress in an interview.

      According to singer, in any conflict situation it is best to forget about disagreements and to restore calm and gentle atmosphere in the family.

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