The husband of a strong back Sasha Savelyeva in a bikini: “do Not swear and be proud!”

Муж о крепком тыле Саши Савельевой в бикини: «Не ругаю, горжусь!»
Kirill Safonov admired figure of his wife in a bathing suit.

Sasha Savelyeva

Photo: @sasha_savelieva Instagram Sasha Savelieva

Sasha Savelieva often posts photos in bikini on social media, and her fans have always wondered, how does the singer’s husband Kirill Safonov? Maybe he abuses her or is jealous of how many men? Recently, the Network appeared the next candid photo of the actress in extremely simple swimsuit. In the commentary, the actor spoke about his wife so that all of the questions fans have disappeared by themselves.

Sasha showed a scene where shows the in a white swimsuit, strong rear and perfect legs. “You’re not real, darling!” — praised the Safonov. A little later he said to one of the subscribers that, say, understands what he needs to chastise Savelyev. “I did not swear. I’m proud of,” added Cyril. Fans of the pair’s amazing that the actor belongs to his wife.

But not so long ago Savelyev and Safonov celebrated their eighth anniversary of family life. The singer congratulated touching a loved one with the onset of important dates. “We entered into our infinity,” wrote Sasha in social networks. Safonov in the second Declaration of love stressed that it is not just eight years of living together, and eight of the happiest years of his life.

Romantic anniversary couple celebrated in Milan. Before that Sasha and Cyril was a trip “for two” in Georgia, where they were not parted even for a minute. It seems that Sasha and Kirill is impossible to maintain a loving, sensual relationship, not allowing domestic issues to affect their marriage.