The husband of a pregnant Nelly Ermolaeva surrounded her with care

Супруг беременной Нелли Ермолаевой окружил ее заботой
A few days ago TV presenter and ex-member of popular TV project “Dom-2” Nelly Yermolayeva told the subscribers the happy news that soon she will give birth to the firstborn.

Супруг беременной Нелли Ермолаевой окружил ее заботой

The past few months, members actively discussed possible interesting Nellie, but the last hid it. According to Yermolayev, the husband tries to please her and surrounded her with care.

Супруг беременной Нелли Ермолаевой окружил ее заботой

“I am very independent and try not to “torture” my husband. Because men change completely the Outlook, values, meaning, once it sees two cherished stripes. On his fall now a lot of Affairs and the upcoming “the instinct of nest.” In this period we need to understand each other as never before. I try not to make a “7 Fridays during a week”. Men can’t biologically to feel “whole skin” all the nuances of your pregnancy. Of course, Cyril indulges me so, I was already uncomfortable sometimes. Every time he wants to please me. It emits so much care and warmth. He has changed a lot,” admitted Nelly.

Being pregnant she began to feel differently and became more balanced and calm.

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