The husband of a pregnant Nelly Ermolaeva presents her surprises

Муж беременной Нелли Ермолаевой преподносит ей сюрпризы The presenter loved the attention of the spouse. Nelly Ermolaeva soon for the first time will become a mother. She knows that many women during the child’s expectations demand that men perform ridiculous requests and whims.
Муж беременной Нелли Ермолаевой преподносит ей сюрпризы

Not so long ago presenter Nelli Ermolaeva said that soon she will become a mother. Despite the fact that fans for several months knew about the pregnancy of the girl, she preferred to remain silent and appear at social events in the loose clothing to hide rounded tummy. Now Nelly happy raskazyvaet about such a pleasant change in her life.

Ermolaeva did not hide the fact that she, like many pregnant women, mood swings. It protects a spouse from their own whims and restrains his desires.

“I am very independent and try not to “torture” my husband. Because men change completely the Outlook, values, meaning, once it sees two cherished stripes. On his fall now a lot of Affairs and the upcoming “the instinct of nest.” In this period we need to understand each other as never before. I try not to make a “7 Fridays during a week”. Men can’t biologically to feel “whole skin” all the nuances of your pregnancy. Of course, Cyril indulges me so, I was already uncomfortable sometimes. Every time he wants to please me. It emits so much care and warmth. He has changed a lot,” – said TV presenter.

Ermolaeva was surprised when he heard from some men that their wife during pregnancy was tortured their ridiculous requests. Future mother noticed that she did not have any particular desires.

Nelly admitted that after news of the pregnancy became very calm and balanced. She noticed that constantly wakes up in a good mood and during the day nothing can change it. According to the presenter, who is the husband refers to her future baby with great tenderness. Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

“I became so sentimental. Hear a sad song, tears already welling! I felt the pregnancy not only the body but also the soul! But I am calm as a boa constrictor. Around me can fuss people, fly paper and break out the thunder. I do not care so much, I am in my “shell”. I became very calm and even-tempered (of course before pregnancy I also wasn’t crazy),” – said Ermolaev.