Муж Леры Кудрявцевой ушел к другой
The presenter told us about the new Chapter in the life of a spouse.

Муж Леры Кудрявцевой ушел к другой

Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov

Photo: Instagram.com

Lera Kudryavtseva shared the latest news about your husband: Igor Makarov is gone… to another team! As it became known, the player decided to change the club for which he played. Now Igor will operate under the management of “Salavat Yulaev”.

Igor Makarov

Photo: @leratv Instagram Lera Kudryavtseva

The change of club Kudryavtseva, like a good wife of a hockey player and his biggest fan, said in his microblog. In the caption to the picture of Makarov in a new form, Lera sorry good luck not only the husband but also the whole team. Now Igor will be a large part of his time in training in Ufa.

Incidentally, some time ago, Valerie admitted that to maintain romance with her husband helping her big-time both. Concert tours and trips are often long separated Kudryavtsev and Makarov. However, their relationship is hurting, on the contrary makes only stronger. The age difference with her husband, according to Lera, she does not feel. However, it is not surprising, because apparently the star does not look 45 years. Not so long ago she published the picture, which appeared without makeup, and even after a sleepless night. Most of her contemporaries after this would have looked to put it mildly, not very fresh. But she could surprise fans of young and well-groomed face. And figure Kudryavtseva over which she works so hard, just can not give her age.

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