“The husband is a fallen man!” Wife of Alexander Kerzhakov made a statement about the divorce

«Муж — падший человек!» Жена Александра Кержакова сделала заявление о разводе
Milan commented on the breakup with her husband.

Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova

Photo: @milana_kerzhakova Instagram

Alexander Kerzhakov preparing for a second divorce. According to information that came out in the media, in the near future marriage will be terminated. That his wife left the athlete became known through social networks. Wife of Alexander — Milan, confessed to subscribers that broke up with her husband.


A post shared by Kerzhakova Milana (@milana_kerzhakova) on May 13, 2018 at 2:52am PDT

“I’m no longer in the relationship… It is absolutely fallen, unworthy of respect the man, alas,” writes Milan. A little over a year ago, when the wife of Alexander was in position, the press leaked rumors about the affair Kerzhakov. Wife then refused to believe the rumors and was trying to protect a loved one. In that period she lost her father and needed the support of my husband.

In April, child of Alexander and Milana turned one. Also Kerzhakov have two children from previous relationships: daughter Daria from his first marriage and son Igor, who is the footballer gave birth to Ekaterina Safronova, subsequently deprived of parental rights.