The husband does not give divorce Marie Carey

Муж не даёт развод Мерайе Кери

It’s complicated. American singer Maria Carey, who planned to marry his beloved Australian billionaire James packer in the coming weeks, he could not get a divorce from her lawful husband nick cannon.

Sources close to Marie, saying that for a year I’m sorry Carey nick to give her a divorce, but he is not going to go meet her. Causes of failure cannon is not called. It seems strange, moreover, that the initiator of the divorce was just a man. Obviously, he had no idea that the singer wish to finish what he started.
The couple does not live together since August 2014, since December of the same year they are in the divorce process. Why Nick does not want to put a dot and hinders personal happiness to my better half, remains unknown.
It is reported that the issues of property and custody of their two children Marokane and Monroe were settled in 2014, however, since that time, cannon’s wife leads by the nose, pulling the last official action in the form of signatures. Nick’s friends said that he still loves his wife and believes she is making the wrong choice. It turns out that his sincere congratulations to Marie and James turned out to be a lie, and in fact it is strictly against their marriage.
Meanwhile the preparations for the wedding singer and Australian billionaire coming to an end. Recall that their wedding was to be the event of the year, despite the fact that the number of guests had to be small. A white boat, surrounded by flowers, a gorgeous wedding gown and luxurious Banquet – all this is now under question. Remains unknown and the status of the packer. Information about the fact that he divorced the mother of his four children, and was not.

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