The hunger games! Elena Malysheva refused to eat

Голодные игры! Елена Малышева отказалась от еды
TV presenter loses weight a day to half a kilogram.

Elena Malysheva

Leading the legendary
TV show “Live healthy” Elena Malysheva has always stressed that is — also
great, but now she surprised fans by starting a ten-day marathon
weight reduction. The star shares with its subscribers a daily menu, which
I must admit, is impressive.

“Minus 1 kg 600 g! It
for yesterday, here is the exact composition of my yesterday: 375 g of grass any
mixed with 1.5 liters of water. Plus there was added one Apple. Common
calorie yesterday turned out 135 kcal. Yesterday I took two
coffee Cup with drop of milk. Calorie coffee 2 kcal per 100 g. Calorie
milk, which I added to 37 kcal per 100 g, added approximately 30 g 12
kcal. Thus, the calorie yesterday about 185 kcal. I
survived! To eat would. Told myself only one thing: smile and be patient!
Today my menu is: 200 g of flesh of chicken thighs (370 kcal), 200 g of cabbage
Cale or Kale (100 kcal), 250 g broccoli (85 kcal) and 360 g of cauliflower (90
kcal). Only 645 calories. Obyazalovka! There is no hunger”, — said Malyshev details
your diet.

Malysheva is familiar, without exaggeration, the whole of Russia — if you want any of
we can see her almost daily at one of the large domestic
channels. To the subject of health Elena Malysheva is relevant not only as
TV presenter, but as a medical professional: she is a certified cardiologist
doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of Moscow state
University of medicine and dentistry.