Дом сестер Зайцевых обокрали на Кипре Thieves have taken a large sum of money and jewelry. Tatiana Zaitseva who were at the site shortly after the accident, experienced a real shock. The woman admitted that Cyprus is generally unsafe, but she could not think that this will affect her.

      Дом сестер Зайцевых обокрали на Кипре

      Singer Tatiana and Elena Zaitsev has not fully recovered after all the experiences that fell to their share during the last six months, as they again got into trouble. This time the actress seriously affected financially – their home in Limassol was robbed. At the time, when he committed the crime, women were not at home. Tatiana Zaitseva, who at this period in Cyprus in order to resolve issues related to its restaurant Mister”, I was away at work.

      “It happened on the eve of my departure to Moscow. I have already finished everything and was ready the next day to go home, – shares with “StarHit” Tatiana. – In the morning I went to the restaurant to pay the salaries of the employees, to solve questions on repair. We are adding another room, it’s a hassle, so I lingered, talking with the designer. Now I realize that I like someone deliberately delayed, as if guarded, because if I got home on time, then stumbled to the robbers and who knows what I would be like. Apparently, God has saved”.

      Remembering the first moment in the house upon returning from the restaurant, Zaitseva experiencing real horror. Once in place, the singer immediately realized that we should call the police, as the room lights were on, and she in that night no one was waiting.

      “I started in a panic to knock to the neighbors, but nobody opened the door, though all were at home. And people say that in Russia nobody will help… the Police were on the scene ten minutes later, also came the restaurant Manager to be with me. Officers went to the house, like in the movies, with guns and in full combat readiness, as no one could know what’s inside. After the room is checked out, with me left several police officers on the night as the front door was broken, the whole house upside down…”
      Дом сестер Зайцевых обокрали на Кипре

      Only after a while Tatiana was able to assess the scale of the incident. The actress checked out all the hiding places, the cupboards and drawers. Slightly recovering himself, the woman could perform, how much his sister suffered.

      “Stole a lot of money – says Zaitsev. They were postponed to the next salary of the employees of our restaurant. Took three watches. husband, my wrist watch with diamonds and, most ridiculous, dragged even the perfume I bought at the airport”.

      The incident affected the health of the artist – Tatyana jumped up pressure. At the moment it is in Moscow, but soon will be back in Limassol again to testify to the police and to bring order to the house. By the way, according to law enforcement officials, the theft was carried out by inexperienced thieves.

      “Fortunately, my stash they found, – continues Tatyana Zaitseva. – Most likely, they worked on a tip. Last time in Cyprus was very dangerous. They say there are gangs of immigrants, the locals are afraid. Here we caught. I advise all travelers to keep abreast and to be careful”.

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