Дом и машина Джерарда Батлера сгорели дотла
Hollywood actor Gerard Butler has lost his house and car due to a forest fire.

Дом и машина Джерарда Батлера сгорели дотла

Property Butler was in California, where raging forest fire.

“He returned to his home in Malibu after the evacuation. Heartbreaking sight throughout California. Inspired with courage, spirit and sacrifices of firefighters. Thank you”,

— wrote Butler in Instagram and published a picture, which is in front of the burnt building.

48-year-old Butler has starred in such films as “law Abiding citizen”, “the phantom of the Opera”, “Dear Frankie” and “Rock-n-Rolik”. Last published picture with his participation — “hunter Killer”, which actor played the captain of the American submarine, Joe glass. The film tells about how the Russian defense Minister satisfied with the country’s military coup and take the President by the name zacharin hostage, simultaneously exacerbating international conflict with the United States. American submariners trying to free the President to prevent the war.

Currently in California a few raging forest fires. The most serious of them — in the County of Butte and near the city of Malibu. They have already claimed the lives of at least 25 people and burned more than 400 square kilometers. Their homes have left more than 250 thousand people.

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