У «Дома-2» появится неожиданное продолжение
NTT expands the range of the project and launches new show “Dom-2. The Island Of Love”.

Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina.

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

From 7 September, the TNT audience will be witnesses and participants
a new reality in which 12 girls will fight for the hearts of the two participants
of the project. Anyone will be able to build your love and win 1 million rubles,
decide the audience.

Two of the most eligible bachelor “House-2” — Ivan Barsukov and Alexander
Zadoinov — go for a luxury Villa in the Seychelles to find love.
Ivan is a womanizer, are in high demand among the girls, however, long-term relationship
never sawaguchi. Alexander is an experienced and established marriages
the father of two children yearning for a new real and eternal love.

For the hearts of the main macho man of the TV show will compete 12 new
participants. That just will not have to go to girls to find its way to the hearts
grooms! To cook food, to overcome fears, to withstand the test of
endurance, show their best qualities, to surprise is only a small part
jobs that have to perform with the contenders for the coveted goal. Below
getting to know the other participants and their intentions, the groom will arrange girls
a date on a yacht, romance in the pool, walking along the coast. In
the event of failure of a particular task participants will be punished. Each
a week grooms nominated for the departure of four girls. But who of them will leave
show, decide the public vote.

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