“The House-2” the Olga Rapunzel was a fight

На "Доме-2" из-за Ольги Рапунцель случилась драка
On the popular TV project “Dom-2” Olga pregnant Rapunzel came Cyril Shchetinin and expressed her sympathy.

На "Доме-2" из-за Ольги Рапунцель случилась драка

But on the days between Cyril and another participant of the show Dmitry Talibov was a fight. According to Cyril, his words did not want to hurt Dimitri.

“The guys started to ask me about American football. We talked about the position I’m playing. And then I began to talk about zagrebaeka player. This is a small and stocky man, who can be hard to take the ball, regroup and between the big defensive defenders to get through. Well, I said that the figure shinaberry like Dima….

He doesn’t understand me. I admit that this might sound ambiguous. He was caught, he came up to me and struck a blow that hit in the temporal region and cheek. I fell,” admitted Cyril.

After that Dmitry was kicked out of the project, as the rules show the fight to “the House-2” is prohibited.

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