Ужасы пластики: москвичка умерла на операционном столе “We give people joy” is the motto of clinicians working in a multidisciplinary clinic, “Triumph Palace”, which is located in the famous high-rise on the North of Moscow. However, over the last few months in the exclusive medical center from the tragedy.
Ужасы пластики: москвичка умерла на операционном столе

In February in “Triumph Palace”, the woman jumped out of a fourth floor window after liposuction. Fortunately, she survived, although suffered multiple fractures. But the 32-year-old Ekaterina Kiseleva from Moscow could not be saved: the mother of two children died during surgery for breast lift as a result of stopping of the heart. At the moment a criminal case under article 238, which contains such an item as “rendering services not meeting safety requirements”. The hospital management immediately returned the money for the operation – 159 thousand rubles, but did not provide explanation of what caused the death of a young woman who never complained about his health.

The fateful choice

Ekaterina Kiseleva had everything: a family, two children, a house full Cup. The woman who obtained two degrees, worked as an accountant and has headed the parent Committee at school and was Chairman of the HOA. With her husband Sergei, the father of 11-year-old Matthew and 12-year-old Kira, the relationship did not work out, but they remained friends. Soon in the life of a woman has another man – businessman Anton. Katerina was not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex: a beautiful, slim, with ample bosom… But very few people knew, what agony it gave her a seductive bust of the fourth size.

“When a woman gives birth to two children in a row and feeds every one and a half years, the Breasts naturally SAG, – tells mother of the deceased, Eugene Chudakova. – Katya was a strong deformation and formed a horrible stretch marks that gave her not only aesthetic but also physical discomfort. Sometimes daughter it seemed that in these places it will break the skin and bleed. No implants and was out of the question, on the contrary, she dreamed about the reduction! Often complained: “Lord, I would be the first size! I’d had enough”. Honestly, I thought it was just words.”
Ужасы пластики: москвичка умерла на операционном столе

Catherine called my mom 10th of April and happily reported that she found a clinic, where she has promised to help: “don’t worry! They have so many women made beautiful”. In five days Kiselyov went into surgery. The children’s grandmother.

In the operating room the patient was placed around noon. Surgeon was Gregory Perekrestov, and as the anesthesiologist made Zeynal Najafov. About five in the evening Eugene Chudakova called the hospital administrator. She assured that all is well and her daughter is recovering after anesthesia. And then the nightmare began…

Big plans

Head physician of “Triumph Palace”, the cardiologist Alla Demicheva associated with the civil husband Kiseleva, Anton Ilyin, and said that Catherine died. Supposedly her heart stopped on the operating table, but at this point the surgeons have finished their work. According to Alla Raufovna, for the life of a young woman fought all of the staff, but to save her failed, and they are shocked.

“When Anton told me all this on the phone, I grabbed the heart, cried and did not believe, – continues Eugene. – How did this happen? Why was I deceived? Grandchildren were nearby. They were painful to watch. They both got hysterical, then they started calling my own father. Sergei felt rushed. For ten days I take a strong sedative. As soon as you stop, just going crazy. The first time Matthew and keira were not their own, but then continued to go to school, where all warned of misfortune. There they somehow distracted”.
Ужасы пластики: москвичка умерла на операционном столе

Representatives of the medical center almost immediately ceased to contact relatives of the deceased patient. Now they are waiting for the results of forensic medical examination, which will be ready within 30 days. “I tried to contact the doctors, ditching Kate, through social networks, – sighs Evgenie. – As was my daughter at home, wrote from the page of the grandson of Matthew, however, I was immediately blocked. These sadists behave dishonourably, and I hope that they are still denied the right to medical operations. Otherwise, under the scalpels can die more people.”

Ekaterina Kiseleva was not going to die. Women, which many friends described as a decent and exemplary mother, had plenty of plans. This year she wanted to sell the apartment in Bronnitsy and move to a larger apartment in Sergiev Posad. Kate dreamed that kids in no way needed and lived comfortably. However, her wishes was not destined to come true.

The hospital had no comment, but we still managed to figure something out.

“In the case, which occurred in February, blame the patient herself, – told the “StarHit”. She initially had serious mental problems. But this time the situation is really dark. Several doctors have already quit this place.”