Надежда на сборную! Лопырева выдвинула условие, при котором выйдет замуж за Баскова
The model intends to cancel the wedding?

Victoria Lopyreva and Nikolay Baskov

Photo: @lopyrevavika (Instagram Victoria Lopyreva)

Preparations for the wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy Nikolai Baskov began last fall. Was the date of the celebration, the invited guests, But the couple just before the day “x” suffered a marriage is not an indefinite period. Fans hoped that the model and the “natural blonde” get married in the summer of 2018, but after the recent recognition of lopyrevoy, the hopes of the fans began to melt before our eyes.

It was assumed that Victoria, being the Ambassador of the world Cup which starts very soon in Russia will wait for the finals and then preparing for the celebration. But Lopyreva advanced Baskov an unexpected condition, which can put an end to the wedding couple.

Victoria said she will marry Nicholas just in case the Russian team will reach the finals of the world Cup. In the victory of the Russian team believed by many, that rumors that Lopyreva manner decided simply to cancel the wedding.

It is worth noting that Victoria and Nicholas have several times been accused of PR on the theme of the wedding. Supposedly, the couple originally did not plan any celebrations, but just attracted attention.