The Hollywood new couple: Lily rose-Depp and Timothy Salame

В Голливуде новая пара: Лили Роуз-Депп и Тимоти Шаламе

In Hollywood for a couple more. The star of the film “Call me by your name” Timothy Salame and actress Lily-rose Depp was spotted taking a walk together in new York. Walk gained intimate nature.

В Голливуде новая пара: Лили Роуз-Депп и Тимоти Шаламе

An anonymous source told US Weekly that Lily and Timothy are associated with romantic feelings. Here is the paparazzi, and began searching for evidence. “They looked like a real couple. Walked together down the street, and then stopped, he pulled her to him and began to kiss,” told an anonymous source to the newspaper.

В Голливуде новая пара: Лили Роуз-Депп и Тимоти Шаламе
Here and fans of the stars were connected. On instagram there were pictures in which the couple walks through Central Park. Timothy gently hugging Lily. Apparently the pair is configured in a romantic mood.

Estimated space travelers — the movie shooting. This summer on shooting a historical drama about Henry V, “King” they met and played together. Timothy in this picture plays a major role, and Lily — party of the daughter of king Charles VI the Mad Catherine, which Henry V marries. By the way, the film is over and the cast celebrated at a party photos which were also posted online. However, with the end of filming romantic feelings did not end, but only broke out with greater force.

Lily-rose Depp, daughter of johnny Depp. Dad is always surprised — as his daughter’s growing up so fast. Once on the show Ellen DeGeneres told how, uego surprises basterretxea Lily.

Lily-rose has already turned 19, and at a young age, the girl succeeded in many industries. So, she is already the face of the fragrance Chanel No. 5, wears on the catwalk, and more recently – on the red carpet of film festivals.
Johnny I am glad that the life of his girls are better than ever, but as a father, he can’t calm his sentimentality.
“She’s growing up. This is incredible. For me, everything is happening too fast. BAM, she’s already a young woman. Me as a father is very scary, but she handled everything perfectly, she is very down to earth and relaxing in its success, which can not but rejoice,” said johnny.