The history of the sex symbols of the 90s: divorce, escape abroad, and change in appearance

Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности “StarHit” to find out what became of the favorites of millions who had full houses of fans. Some of the artists still give concerts, but most of them have long since abandoned a career in music. Names images of Old, Lada Dens, Irina and Masha Rasputina is still many associated with seductive images and feminine grace.
Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

In the 90 years, the songs of these performers knew almost all the inhabitants of the country. Young and beautiful girls were bathing in the attention of fans, delighting them with new hits. However, with time many artist decided to leave the performance. They left the stage, devoting himself to business development or motherhood. “StarHit” decided to find out what you are doing now and how to live a once-popular singer.

Lika Star

Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

Lika star became famous in 1996, when he released the song “Lonely moon”. The song quickly became a hit, and the singer turned into a real sex symbol. A year earlier, the star gave birth to a son, and so decided to take a pause in her musical career, which led to the rupture of relations with producer Sergei Obukhov.

In the early 2000s, she participated in the filming of “the Last hero” and “the Naked truth”. In the same period, the star decided to move to Italy together with her husband Angelo Sich. In 2001, the actress tried to return to its former glory and released an album called “me”. However, the Face failed to achieve the success which accompanied her in the 90s.

Lika star came true for Affairs with married men

Now the Old lives primarily abroad, but he often appears in Russia as a DJ and producer. Face recently appeared on “Tonight”, which was dedicated to the stars of the ‘ 90s. Fans were delighted with the sexy outfit of the artist. Fans said that in his 45 years, singer looks just amazing.

Natalia Shturm

Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

In 1995, Natalia Storm blew the domestic show business the album “high School romance”. The eponymous song became a popular hit, and still sounds discos. The actress was so vosstrebovan that she was invited to act in films and serials.

However, the fourth Studio album by singer, released in 2002, and has not found its audience. After that, the Storm decided to change the scope of activities. She began writing detective stories and novels. At this point, the woman has published six books.

Now the Assault is not known for its creative achievements, but rather provocative photos. In Instagram, the singer often puts Nude photos that evoke enthusiasm among her fans.

Naked Natalia Storm was called “the grandmother in climax”

Star spends a lot of effort to look just fine. She loves to share photos of fitness centers and beauty salons. Natalia uses the services of plastic surgeons, and not shy about it.

“I want to make myself the ass, so she was a little more. The chest and were completely satisfied with the result. A woman must like herself and not pay attention to other people’s comments,” he said in the program “the Stars aligned”.

By the way, the singer is often seen in various television projects as a guest. But new hits in her performance come out rarely.

Irina Saltykova

Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

Irina Saltykova became famous in 1995 when he released his first hit, “Grey eyes”. Next came two successful albums, his divorce from husband Victor Saltykov and shooting in the film “Brother 2”.

In the mid-2000s, the popularity of Irina as a singer and began to fall sharply. The woman has devoted herself to raising their daughter Alice and business. In Moscow she opened the House of beauty and style, where you can buy designer clothes and accessories.

Unlike many colleagues on stage, Irina continues to act until now. In 2016, the premiere of her single “follow me” and the video for this song. Saltykov also is often a guest on various television programs.

Fans do not get tired to admire the beauty and femininity of the artist. In their opinion, Irina looks much younger than his age. The star itself is careful diet, sports and visits beauty salons.

Her daughter Alice, which in December will be 30 years old, is also building a music career, simultaneously trying his hand at acting.

Tatyana Ivanova

Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

Permanent soloist of group “the Combination” bathed in the glory until the late 90s. Such songs as “American Boy”, “Xenia” and “Two kusocheka sausage” was very popular. The team gathered and gave over 60 presentations in a month.

Now, Tatiana continues to engage in musical creativity. She is a frequent speaker on the retro discos, singing songs loved by millions. However, the popularity of the former can only dream about.

In 2016, Ivanov suddenly declared itself. She took part in the program “ten years younger”. The actress had a boob job, corrected the stomach, and also changed the shape of the nose. Fans came to the conclusion that Tatiana really began to look better, and the transformation of the matter in her favor.

The soloist “Combinations” Tatiana Ivanova have been plastic

All the free time, the singer prefers to spend with his family. She has a favorite daughter Mary, who may someday become a star.


Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

The performances of Masha Rasputina in the early 90’s was a real revelation for the post-Soviet audience. The young woman chose bold outfits, sexy dancing on stage and was extremely attractive.

By the early 2000s, the popularity of the star began to wane. Then to the musical Olympus was returned to her longtime friend Philip. Together with the king of the domestic pop scene Mary recorded a few songs. The song “the rose tea” is still considered one of the most recognizable in the repertoire of Rasputina.

Now the actress is rarely published and almost never speaks. She explains that husband, businessman Viktor Zakharov can’t for a long time to part with it. Beloved provides full Rasputin and the woman can afford not to work.

For recent recitals Kirkorov at the “New wave” Mary put aside all their Affairs. Her striking image has attracted many fashion critics. Talking to reporters, the singer said about the possible resumption of cooperation with Philip Bedrosovich. According to star, the king of the pop scene asked her to record several joint compositions and to arrange a tour of the country. So perhaps fans of the controversial actress is waiting for her triumphant return to the stage.


Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

90 Natalia Vetlitskaya proudly wore the title of the main sex-symbol of Russian show business. Her song “Look into my eyes” and “Playboy” were highly appreciated by audiences and music critics.

In 2004, Natalie became a mother and moved to permanent residence in Spain. Now the singer is better known as the blogger. She is actively engaged in social networking, expressing his opinion about topical issues. So, the artist frequently shares his impressions about life abroad and about the political situation in the world. In Russia Vetlitskaya happens very rarely, preferring to spend all his free time in his own estate in the town of Denia.


Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

First solo album was released in 1991. The audience came to taste the unusual literary style of the Wiki, for which she became an overnight star. The actress has repeatedly experimented with genres, and speaking in the style of pop and rock.

Vika Tsyganova works on stage so far. Her last solo album was released in 2011. Most often, the star appears on retro parties and concerts with participation of stars of a chanson.

Recently, however, a celebrity tried himself in the role of designer. В2016 year she released a successful fashion collection.

“Vic, your whole life is design. We completely by accident a month ago, showed her work to the organizers of the fashion Week, they said it was a bomb. We are overwhelmed with such emotions, we are happy. Are sure that this show will broaden our horizons,” – said then the spouse Tsiganova “StarHit”.

The star of the ‘ 90s lives with her husband in Moscow. In addition to the creative activities, Victoria is actively involved in charity work.


Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

The future star of the stage started out as a backing singer Philip Kirkorov. However, in 1992, Lada, he recorded his first hit, “Girl night.” Her career developed rapidly, thanks to the incredible power and sexiness of the artist.

In addition to musical creativity, Dance often filmed in movies and TV series. Her most notable role was in the television project “Balzac age, or all men are Bast..”.

After a long hiatus, the artist triumphantly returned to the stage in the program “Just exactly”. She has successfully tried dozens of images, and as a result was awarded with the special jury prize.

Lada Dens is trying to regain popularity

In the same period, the star was forced to endure an extremely unpleasant experience. In mid-October 2015, the year she was robbed by a private driver who brought home the stars 800 thousand rubles. The attacker was detained, but the singer was extremely upset about the incident.


Истории секс-символов 90-х: разводы, побег за границу и изменение внешности

Svetlana Razin became famous in 1987, when he became soloist of the group “Mirage”. She wrote such hits of the band as “the New hero” and “I’m not kidding.”

After the departure of the popular project, the artist created a group of “Fairy”. As part of this group, she has released four albums. In the future, Razin worked as a solo artist, and very successfully.

In 2011 he took a triumphant reunion of Margaret and Suhankina Svetlana resinol. Soloist of “Mirage” was once again performed together, and their album “Not the first time” broke many sales records.

Now Svetlana continues to work in show business. In 2017, she recorded two songs – “Chance” and “Dwarves”. The second of them was even a video clip.

Recently the singer became a guest of the program “really”. It turns out that the ex-husband of Svetlana doubts the paternity of their common daughter. A DNA test showed that Valery Sokolov really is not the biological dad of 17-year-old Alice.

Svetlana Razina learned the truth about the father of her daughter

However, family issues do not affect achievements of the singer. The ex-soloist of “Mirage” continues to perform, periodically touring Russia.


Svetlana Earless, better known as Alice, Mont, became famous in the late 80’s. Her song “Plantain” was incredibly popular, but after that the star didn’t launch well and truly hits.

A second wave of popularity was overtaken by Alice in 1997, when the world saw the song “Diamond”. Now the artist rarely appears at social events, and performs infrequently.

In may 2017 Alice was the guest of the programme “ten years younger”. She decided on a series of plastic surgeries in order to return to the stage. Then the star admitted that she is accompanied by failures in his personal life.

“I was so humiliated that I would not Wake up, – said Alice Mon with the authors of the transmission. But I still believe that somewhere there is my one and only. The last relationship I had was three years ago. He was 14 years younger, and didn’t even realize that I had let go of his love”.

Specialists made Alice lift the skin of the face and neck, increased breast, had upper blepharoplasty. Fans came to the conclusion that the transformation went the artist, and now she looks much younger than his age.