История бренда Escentric Molecules

For more than ten years in the perfume world is a big dispute about the properties of fragrances of brand Escentric Molecules. Army of fans describes the fragrance as a unique, exclusive, and adapts to your personality, while supporters of traditional perfume insist that everything attributed to this perfume advantages ¾ no more than good marketing ploy. Anyway, the very existence of such dispute favors the brand Molecule the Cam and creates interest in the main idea underlying its aromatic products.

История бренда Escentric Molecules

The history of the brand

European perfume company Escentric Molecules known for using as their main and sometimes only ingredient for his compositions the molecules of substances that do not exist in nature. If you believe content published on the website https://www.spellsmell.ru/women/escentric-molecules/, we can say that the beginning of this line in perfume was launched in 1973 when the American laboratory Corporation IFF were synthesized molecule called Iso E Super. Perfume designer Geza Sean, analyzing any fragrances, they found unity — high the contents of this magic molecule.

Based on the findings of their study, master perfumes have moved on, and in 2006, under his leadership, created a perfume, which perfume the effect depends on single molecule, single substance obtained by chemistry. Each perfume Molecule of Cam is numbered, and under each is produced in two kinds of composition: in the variant Molecules we can hear a molecule of the host substance in pure form, in the embodiment of Escentric content leading substances from 13 3/4 to 65%, and the remaining ingredients are used in order to emphasize the uniqueness of the sound of music-leader.

What to expect from the aromas

Collection of fragrances Escentric Molecules cannot be called huge, but it presents toilet water for every taste. It is especially important that we offer the perfume has a status uniseksovo and, accordingly, fits male and female characters.

The owners of the perfume water Molecule Eccentric three note patterns, which are not found in perfumes other companies:

  • an interesting “shimmering” sound character of the perfume the fragrance I hear the media and others with some frequency, which is associated with the processes of olfactory perception;
  • the aroma of the “adjusted” by the owner, therefore, is perceived differently from the skin of different media. Moreover, the feeling will vary depending on the specific location of application of the composition;
  • the perfume Escentric Molecules is universal in relation to different times of day and in different seasons. You can mix them with other fragrances. While Escentric Molecules will emphasize the advantages of their pairs, making a total aromatic cloud of deeper and more expressive.

Palette compositions

In most cases, the fragrances by the brand are perceived as “smells accentuate the purity and freshness”. However, it is possible to focus on the differences of brand perfume inside the palette. So, Escentric Molecules molecule 01 thanks to the Iso E Super has a noble wood-velvet undertone. The perfume Escentric Molecules 02 is built around AMBROXAN chemicals™, which corresponds to the elegance and sensuality the best natural scent.

A hybrid molecule, called Vetiveryl Acetate, is responsible for subtly grassy, “vetiveria” nature of Escentric Molecules 03. In Escentric Molecules perfume 04 used substance Javanol 3/4 more clean and smooth chemical equivalent natural notes of sandalwood. Each of the fragrances by the brand thanks to the brilliant work of the perfumer and initially thought out concept worthy of attention, for good reason, since the beginning of production of the composition Escentric Molecules cause enthusiasm and gather compliments true lovers of perfume.

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