Героине шоу «Давай поженимся!» устроили травлю

21-year-old dagestanu, told in the ether of sexual abuse by his own father, the home unanimously condemned.

A guest on one of the recent editions of the “let’s get married!” was a 21-year-old Lila Zakiyev, who came to Moscow from Dagestan to find the groom in the First channel. Leading Larisa Guzeeva and rose Sabitova and I have heard over the years, in the transfer, but the story of Lila threw them a shock. According to the girl, she was sexually abused by his own father…

As told Zakiev, violence continued for several years. To report any details she refused, despite questioning the leading. The girl’s mother, who also participated in the transfer, added that he had left Layla with her father after the divorce and about the assault against daughter did not know anything.

Studio guests met Lila’s story with sympathy. But her countrymen, on the contrary, gave her a real hunt. On her page on the social network, they write a lot of impartial, accusing the girl of shame of Dagestan.

Moreover, the ether, apparently, will cost Tagievoy work! The restaurant “Imbargo” in which she works, already published on the Internet statement:

“Leadership “Imbargo” extremely outraged by the disgusting part and the performance of our staff photographer Laila on the TV. At that time she was on vacation. On the agenda of the meeting to become an acute personnel issue”.