Героиня дня: звание «Мисс Хельсинки» получила темнокожая девушка

19-year-old sefora of Talaba was recognized as “Miss Helsinki” 2017.

In the Internet community there was a scandal because of the results of the contest “Miss Helsinki” 2017. It became known that the title was given to 19-year-old black girl of Ikolaba Sephora (Sephora Ikalaba).

About a girl, little is known: Sephora has a fitness trainer (not surprisingly, the second received by the girl the title of “Miss perfect body”) and it is difficult to say that has model data: the growth of Sephora is 165 centimeters. Now she will represent the capital at the contest “Miss Finland”.

Many Internet users aggressively responded to the decision of the jury. Sephora itself admitted that did not expect such outcome of events.