The hero of “the Sweet life” was killed in a duel

Герой «Сладкой жизни» погиб на дуэли
Actor Anton Denisenko starred in the video of singer Eva Henri.

Герой «Сладкой жизни» погиб на дуэли

Anton Denisenko and eve Henri

Photo: PR-service of the actor

This historical drama broke out on the set of new
clip of the singer Eva Henri, the shooting of which recently passed in Georgia
romantic track about love “Nobody
can instead of” popular author Serega. By the way, eve is not the first time
performs songs Seryoga: his
the track “Around” it became known to the Russian listeners as well as bright
the duet “Burn, baby!” with a star of many musicals actress Anastasia Makeeva.

“The video happen
in the days of “Gone with the wind” is a complete love story
will keep the viewer in suspense until the very end. The present audience
mini-movie!” says Director Alexander Seliverstov.

The role of the beloved heroine was played by a popular Russian
actor Anton Denisenko (“the Sweet life”). He is under the plot of the video is killed in a duel,
fighting for the honour of the beloved.”The photography process was interesting and exciting. First, because they
took place in the mountains, stunningly beautiful
places of Georgia. And secondly, because the clip still different from the movie. Here
important visuals, first of all, the images, the mood, the dynamics. Gathered
a team of professionals and I hope the result will be worthy” —
says Anton Denisenko.

Anton Denisenko and eve Henri

Photo: PR-service of the actor

“I have long wanted to remove it is a historic clip. And then there’s the plot of such serious passion
burn-and all this against the background of beautiful nature of Georgia. Besides, in the project
was attended by such great actors. I am very pleased. I hope the result
would be impressive,” says Eva Henry.

Not without extreme, for the sake of filming eve had to learn
horse riding, Jogging in the mountains along the cliff. And
the scene in the castle, the singer graced
its luxury in the outfits
famous Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

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